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Released on March 27th 2021

Bug Fixes

  • Added Special Pokemon: Burmy Plant (Spring), Wormadam Plant (Spring), Pikachu Hat (Team Rocket), Ninetales Alolan (Halloween), Squirtle (Classic)
  • Fixed Timespace Altar causing crashes
  • Fixed Water Quartz Blocks causing crashes if it comes into contact with Water
  • Fixed Technic not installing BOP correctly- we've renamed the skipbop.txt to skipbopdownload.txt
  • Fixed Shiny G-Max Pokemon not displaying their Shiny Textures
  • Fixed Pesticide not displaying their item description
  • Fixed Brittle Bones lang displaying as "Brittle bones"
  • Fixed some more leftover debug
  • Fixed wild Eternatus spawning too small
  • Fixed Fancy and Monsoon Vivillon sprites
  • Fixed Honey not dropping from: Kakuna, Beedrill, Combee, and Vespiquen
  • Fixed catching small Pokemon being a bit too difficult- increased the catch radius
  • Fixed Dancer ability causing the user to use their selected move twice if they're slower than the opponent
  • Fixed battles getting stuck when a Dynamax is defeated on same turn it evolved
  • Fixed Choose a Pokemon battle screen displaying incorrect HP for Pokemon when their Dynamax has expired
  • Fixed Primals not blocking their respected move types nor overriding existing weather
  • Fixed the previous update fix for Primal Exploit not effecting Kyogre (had orbs mixed up)