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Released on December 11th 2021

New Features

  • Added new Holiday Events:
    • Christmas/New Years: Starts December 25th, ends January 7th. Spawns Special Abomasnow, Baltoy, Marill, Cinccino, Crustle, Drampa, Gogoat, and Sableye with Snowflake particles
    • Chinese New Years: Starts February 1st, ends February 7th. Spawns Special Bagon, Bunnelby, Deerling, Diggersby, Dunsparce, Luxio, Luxray, Mudbray, Mudsdale, Salamence, Shelgon, Shinx, Tauros.
  • Added 96 new Couch Blocks
  • Added support of player-owned Meltan to be captured in Meltan Box
  • Added 2 new Fakemon Abilities:
    - Periodic Orbit: The user manipulates gravity upon entering battle.
    - Forgery: Normal Type Moves become Steel Type.
  • Added tint:<#HEX> to PokeSpec
  • Added config option to disable Wither effect in Ultra Space doWitherEffect
  • Added config option to enable Pokemon ability to melee players:
    - doPokemonAttackPlayers,
    - pokemonAttackDamage,
    - pokemonAttackDamageStatModifier,
    - scalePokemonMeleeDamageByAttackStat.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Camera items not returning user's hotbar after usage (could manually return by opening inventory)
  • Fixed Pivot moves not updating the HP visually of the new user swapping in (IE Gengar w/ 1HP -> Pikachu w/ 200HP would display Pikachu as 1HP visually)
  • Fixed Static Spawn methods not spawning shinies, and also added Shiny Charm / Catch Combo support. Methods include: Shrines, Zygarde Machine, Fossil Machine, Cloning Machine
  • Fixed MissingNo Spawning in Pixelmon Grass
  • Fixed Heavyweight Bruiser Fakemon Ability not activating
  • Fixed Move Relearners only listening for baseFormID rather than forms (Pokemon with different movesets for different forms couldn't get their proper moves loaded in Relearners, would default to the base form)
  • Fixed Emergency Exit activating constantly after each hit
  • Fixed Sphere Icons, Pass Icons, Ribbon Icons, and Symbol Icons not being x16 textures like other CustomIcons
  • Fixed Pokemon Duping/Vanishing under rare circumstances
  • Fixed Imposter/Transform not copying stats of the opposing Pokemon
  • Fixed moves being incompatible with species when it shouldn't (was case sensitive and some moves returned no space in multi-word names)
  • Fixed Pikachu Libre not learning Flying Press
  • Fixed Abra teleporting away in battle when under Mean Look
  • Fixed Players getting dismounted after battles
  • Fixed some visual HP bugs occuring due to horde checks
  • Fixed Dancer user's chosen move dealing no damage if opponent is faster
  • Fixed Galvanize changing all moves to Electric
  • Fixed Clangorous Soul activating when HP is below 30%
  • Fixed Fakeout not working after switching in
  • Fixed Parental Bond bypassing Shield Dust
  • Fixed Shore Up not healing based on weather conditions
  • Fixed Pokemon with different forms unable to learn moves they should
  • Fixed Corrosion removing typing, rather than temporarily replacing
  • Fixed Power Of Alchemy & Receiver not functioning at all
  • Fixed Beak Blast not being a charging move
  • Fixed IceFace & FakemonRevealed abilities able to be copied
  • Fixed Mirror Armor activating when it shouldn't
  • Fixed issues when catching a Mega Rayquaza
  • Fixed Toxic overwriting moves with semi-invulnerability
  • Fixed NPC Editor requiring OP & permission node
  • Fixed crash with Generations Group json spelling Ho-Oh incorrectly
  • Fixed Burn Up permanently removing Fire Type, rather than temporarily (caused capture bug)
  • Fixed a crash with the move Disable on servers sometimes occuring
  • Fixed NPC Trainers erroring on initial creation
  • Fixed Terrain Pulse not changing typing based on Terrain