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Released on May 29th 2022

New Features

  • Added JavaDocs for the new Server Overlays

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Alpha Pokemon being able to go above maxLevel if using the Poke Editor Wand to make it an Alpha
  • Fixed Hisuian Pokemon not displaying their Shiny Sprites
  • Fixed inability to breed Sneasler
  • Fixed Enamorus not being registered as a Legendary
  • Fixed battles being wonky in general
  • Fixed Palkia, Dialga, and Giratina not dropping their Crystals/Core- IF EXTERNAL DROPS ARE ENABLED, YOU NEED TO UPDATE THIS MANUALLY
  • Fixed Dartrix not able to evolve into the Hisuian form
  • Fixed Reveal Glass not working on Enamorus
  • Fixed Discard All button not behaving properly and clicking each drop individually if there are multiple
  • Fixed Basculegion being invisible after evolving from Basculin
    Prior Basculegions evolved from Basculin may need fixed manually! This was a form fix, their form will likely remain incorrect
  • Fixed Alpha Pokemon IVs getting reset if edited using the PokeEditor Wand
  • Fixed Fall Damage from Sneasler mounts
  • Fixed Ultra Space not generating
  • Fixed Cosplay Pikachu not spawning
  • Fixed some crashes when opening the Celestial Flute menu