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Item Information
Grid64 Red Apricorn.png Apricorns are the most important fruit in the mod. They are needed to craft Poké Balls, the item used to catch Pokémon.

Opposite to Berries, they cannot be held or consumed by Pokémon and have no effect in battle.

In order to make a Poké Ball the Apricorns must be first cooked in a Furnace, becoming Cooked Apricorns, to be then crafted into Discs. Different color combinatons will create different type of Discs.
The Discs can then be hammered on an Anvil to transform into the corresponding Lids.

All the Apricorns can be obtained by harvesting (right-click) them from Apricorn Trees, or by using Forage on Leaves with a Bug-type or Grass-type Pokémon.
Apricorns can also be farmed by planting them on any type of Dirt with enough light and space around it.

Grid64 Black Apricorn.png Grid64 Blue Apricorn.png Grid64 Green Apricorn.png Grid64 Pink Apricorn.png Grid64 Red Apricorn.png Grid64 White Apricorn.png Grid64 Yellow Apricorn.png
Black Apricorn Blue Apricorn Green Apricorn Pink Apricorn Red Apricorn White Apricorn Yellow Apricorn

Config settings


  • "allowPlanting": Sets if Apricorns can be planted or not. (default= true)
  • "maximumPlants": Sets the Max amount of Apricorn Trees and Berry Trees that can be planted in a chunk. (default= 32)