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Item Information
Grid64 Cheri Berry.png Berries are one-use fruits that can be given to a Pokémon to hold or used to cook Curry.
File:Berry Bush Stage 4.png
Image of Berry bush placed down.

Many Berries have in-battle effects, so, if held by a Pokémon, give it a boost under specific conditions; some Berries can also be used by the Trainer's bag while in battle to heal your Pokémon HP, PP or status condition.
Specific types of Berries can also be used outside battle by right-clicking the Pokémon. Refer to: Healing Berries and EV reducing Berries for a list.


For Curry cooking only, Berries are not only differenced by the type, but also by the quality. Each Berry has one of the 5 qualities listed below.
It is possible to check the quality of a Berry at any time by opening the inventory, hovering on the Berry with your mouse cursor and clicking Shift.

Berries dropped by Pokémon, Structures or Pokéloots are always of Poor quality, the only way to obtain better quality berries is Farming them with care.
When farmed, they have the following chance to come out with each of the following qualities:

# Quality %
0 Poor 20%
1 Normal 20%
2 Good 20%
3 Better 20%
4 Best 20%

The quality of the Berries used determines the quality of the Curry obtained from the Cooking Pot.

Grid64 Aguav Berry.png Grid64 Apicot Berry.png Grid64 Aspear Berry.png Grid64 Babiri Berry.png File:Grid64 Belue Berry.png File:Grid64 Bluk Berry.png Grid64 Charti Berry.png Grid64 Cheri Berry.png Grid64 Chesto Berry.png Grid64 Chilan Berry.png
Aguav Berry Apicot Berry Aspear Berry Babiri Berry Belue Berry Bluk Berry Charti Berry Cheri Berry Chesto Berry Chilan Berry
Grid64 Chople Berry.png Grid64 Coba Berry.png Grid64 Colbur Berry.png File:Grid64 Cornn Berry.png Grid64 Custap Berry.png Grid64 Drash Berry.png File:Grid64 Durin Berry.png Grid64 Eggant Berry.png Grid64 Enigma Berry.png Grid64 Figy Berry.png
Chople Berry Coba Berry Colbur Berry Cornn Berry Custap Berry Drash Berry Durin Berry Eggant Berry Enigma Berry Figy Berry
Grid64 Ganlon Berry.png Grid64 Ginema Berry.png Grid64 Grepa Berry.png Grid64 Haban Berry.png Grid64 Hondew Berry.png Grid64 Iapapa Berry.png Grid64 Jaboca Berry.png Grid64 Kasib Berry.png Grid64 Kebia Berry.png Grid64 Kee Berry.png
Ganlon Berry Ginema Berry Grepa Berry Haban Berry Hondew Berry Iapapa Berry Jaboca Berry Kasib Berry Kebia Berry Kee Berry
Grid64 Kelpsy Berry.png File:Grid64 Kuo Berry.png Grid64 Lansat Berry.png Grid64 Leppa Berry.png Grid64 Liechi Berry.png Grid64 Lum Berry.png Grid64 Mago Berry.png File:Grid64 Magost Berry.png Grid64 Maranga Berry.png Grid64 Micle Berry.png
Kelpsy Berry Kuo Berry Lansat Berry Leppa Berry Liechi Berry Lum Berry Mago Berry Magost Berry Maranga Berry Micle Berry
File:Grid64 Nanab Berry.png File:Grid64 Silver Nanab Berry.png File:Grid64 Golden Nanab Berry.png File:Grid64 Niniku Berry.png File:Grid64 Nomel Berry.png File:Grid64 Nutpea Berry.png Grid64 Occa Berry.png Grid64 Oran Berry.png File:Grid64 Pamtre Berry.png Grid64 Passho Berry.png
Nanab Berry Silver Nanab Berry Golden Nanab Berry Niniku Berry Nomel Berry Nutpea Berry Occa Berry Oran Berry Pamtre Berry Passho Berry
Grid64 Payapa Berry.png Grid64 Pecha Berry.png Grid64 Persim Berry.png Grid64 Petaya Berry.png File:Grid64 Pinap Berry.png File:Grid64 Silver Pinap Berry.png File:Grid64 Golden Pinap Berry.png Grid64 Pomeg Berry.png Grid64 Pumkin Berry.png Grid64 Qualot Berry.png
Payapa Berry Pecha Berry Persim Berry Petaya Berry Pinap Berry Silver Pinap Berry Golden Pinap Berry Pomeg Berry Pumkin Berry Qualot Berry
File:Grid64 Rabuta Berry.png Grid64 Rawst Berry.png File:Grid64 Razz Berry.png File:Grid64 Silver Razz Berry.png File:Grid64 Golden Razz Berry.png Grid64 Rindo Berry.png Grid64 Roseli Berry.png Grid64 Rowap Berry.png Grid64 Salac Berry.png Grid64 Shuca Berry.png
Rabuta Berry Rawst Berry Razz Berry Silver Razz Berry Golden Razz Berry Rindo Berry Roseli Berry Rowap Berry Salac Berry Shuca Berry
Grid64 Sitrus Berry.png File:Grid64 Spelon Berry.png Grid64 Starf Berry.png File:Grid64 Strib Berry.png Grid64 Tamato Berry.png Grid64 Tanga Berry.png File:Grid64 Topo Berry.png Grid64 Touga Berry.png Grid64 Wacan Berry.png File:Grid64 Watmel Berry.png
Sitrus Berry Spelon Berry Starf Berry Strib Berry Tamato Berry Tanga Berry Topo Berry Touga Berry Wacan Berry Watmel Berry
File:Grid64 Wepear Berry.png Grid64 Wiki Berry.png Grid64 Yache Berry.png Grid64 Yago Berry.png Grid64 Blank.png Grid64 Blank.png Grid64 Blank.png Grid64 Blank.png Grid64 Blank.png Grid64 Blank.png
Wepear Berry Wiki Berry Yache Berry Yago Berry Blank Blank Blank Blank Blank Blank


  • "/giveberry <player> <berry> <quality>": Gives the selected player one unity of the selected berry (the quality field is optional)

Config settings


  • "berryTreeGrowthMultiplier": Sets a multiplier for the speed at which Berry Trees grow (can be between 0.1 and 1000). (default= 1)
  • "maximumPlants": Sets the Max amount of Apricorn Trees and Berry Trees that can be planted in a chunk. (default= 32)