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Image of a Mega Venusaur Rare Boss.

Boss Pokémon are rare types of Pokémon.
They are stronger and larger than normal Pokémon, and fight more aggressively than normal Pokémon when in battle.
Totems, setted NPC Trainers and the Team Rocket Grunts are also a different type of Bosses.
Bosses are meant to be middle/end-game foes, so stay away from them until you have a good team!

They cannot be captured in any way.

Bosses can spawn in every Biome in Overworld, with the only limitation of the Spawn Location.
They won't depend on their Base form spawn Biomes.
(i.e. Even if a Venusaur can only spawn in Plains, M. Plains, Savanna, Meadow, Grassland and Prairie, a Mega Venusaur Boss will not be limited to those Biomes)

Defeating your first Mega Evolved Boss will let you gain access to a Mega Bracelet, an accessory required to trigger Mega Evolution. Mega Evolved boss Pokémon can also drop the corresponding Mega Stone required for the Pokémon's Mega Evolution.


Boss Pokémon levels are scaled based on the highest-level Pokémon in the player's Party.
They do not display the level above their head (like happens with normal Pokémon), but instead they will display their Rarity.

The rarity will be shown by two different factors:

- The color of the tier above the Boss head (as shown in the table below);
- The shininess of the Pokémon, Legendary and Ultimate tier Bosses will in fact spawn as the shiny variant of the Pokémon.

Bosses will not spawn naturally in their Uncommon and Ultimate varieties, these rarities can only be found if spawned by Spawners or via Commands.
Mega Evolved Bosses will always spawn in the Rare and Legendary varieties.

Name Color Levels Above
Uncommon Green 5
Rare Yellow 10
Legendary Red 20
Ultimate Orange 40

Spawn Locations


Pokémon Type(s) Drop
Sprite 142-mega.png
Mega Aerodactyl
Banner Rock Type.pngBanner Flying Type.png Grid Aerodactylite.png
Sprite 334-mega.png
Mega Altaria
Banner Dragon Type.pngBanner Fairy Type.png Grid Altarianite.png
Sprite 006-mega-x.png
Mega Charizard X
Banner Fire Type.pngBanner Dragon Type.png Grid Charizardite X.png
Sprite 006-mega-y.png
Mega Charizard Y
Banner Fire Type.pngBanner Flying Type.png Grid Charizardite Y.png
Sprite 380-mega.png
Mega Latias
Banner Dragon Type.pngBanner Psychic Type.png Grid Latiasite.png
Sprite 381-mega.png
Mega Latios
Banner Dragon Type.pngBanner Psychic Type.png Grid Latiosite.png
Sprite 018-mega.png
Mega Pidgeot
Banner Normal Type.pngBanner Flying Type.png Grid Pidgeotite.png
Sprite 373-mega.png
Mega Salamence
Banner Dragon Type.pngBanner Flying Type.png Grid Salamencite.png


Pokémon Type(s) Drop
Sprite 460-mega.png
Mega Abomasnow
Banner Grass Type.pngBanner Ice Type.png Grid Abomasite.png
Sprite 359-mega.png
Mega Absol
Banner Dark Type.png Grid Absolite.png
Sprite 306-mega.png
Mega Aggron
Banner Steel Type.png Grid Aggronite.png
Sprite 065-mega.png
Mega Alakazam
Banner Psychic Type.png Grid Alakazite.png
Sprite 181-mega.png
Mega Ampharos
Banner Electric Type.pngBanner Dragon Type.png Grid Ampharosite.png
Sprite 531-mega.png
Mega Audino
Banner Normal Type.pngBanner Fairy Type.png Grid Audinite.png
Sprite 354-mega.png
Mega Banette
Banner Ghost Type.png Grid Banettite.png
Sprite 015-mega.png
Mega Beedrill
Banner Bug Type.pngBanner Poison Type.png Grid Beedrillite.png
Sprite 257-mega.png
Mega Blaziken
Banner Fire Type.pngBanner Fighting Type.png Grid Blazikenite.png
Sprite 323-mega.png
Mega Camerupt
Banner Fire Type.pngBanner Ground Type.png Grid Cameruptite.png
Sprite 719-mega.png
Mega Diancie
Banner Rock Type.pngBanner Fairy Type.png Grid Diancite.png
Sprite 475-mega.png
Mega Gallade
Banner Psychic Type.pngBanner Fighting Type.png Grid Galladite.png
Sprite 445-mega.png
Mega Garchomp
Banner Dragon Type.pngBanner Ground Type.png Grid Garchompite.png
Sprite 282-mega.png
Mega Gardevoir
Banner Psychic Type.pngBanner Fairy Type.png Grid Gardevoirite.png
Sprite 094-mega.png
Mega Gengar
Banner Ghost Type.pngBanner Poison Type.png Grid Gengarite.png
Sprite 362-mega.png
Mega Glalie
Banner Ice Type.png Grid Glalitite.png
Sprite 214-mega.png
Mega Heracross
Banner Bug Type.pngBanner Fighting Type.png Grid Heracronite.png
Sprite 229-mega.png
Mega Houndoom
Banner Dark Type.pngBanner Fire Type.png Grid Houndoominite.png
Sprite 115-mega.png
Mega Kangaskhan
Banner Normal Type.png Grid Kangaskhanite.png
Sprite 428-mega.png
Mega Lopunny
Banner Normal Type.pngBanner Fighting Type.png Grid Lopunnite.png
Sprite 448-mega.png
Mega Lucario
Banner Fighting Type.pngBanner Steel Type.png Grid Lucarionite.png
Sprite 310-mega.png
Mega Manectric
Banner Electric Type.png Grid Manectite.png
Sprite 303-mega.png
Mega Mawile
Banner Steel Type.pngBanner Fairy Type.png Grid Mawilite.png
Sprite 308-mega.png
Mega Medicham
Banner Fighting Type.pngBanner Psychic Type.png Grid Medichamite.png
Sprite 376-mega.png
Mega Metagross
Banner Steel Type.pngBanner Psychic Type.png Grid Metagrossite.png
Sprite 150-mega-x.png
Mega Mewtwo X
Banner Psychic Type.pngBanner Fighting Type.png Grid Mewtwonite X.png
Sprite 150-mega-y.png
Mega Mewtwo Y
Banner Psychic Type.png Grid Mewtwonite Y.png
Sprite 127-mega.png
Mega Pinsir
Banner Bug Type.pngBanner Flying Type.png Grid Pinsirite.png
Sprite 302-mega.png
Mega Sableye
Banner Dark Type.pngBanner Ghost Type.png Grid Sablenite.png
Sprite 254-mega.png
Mega Sceptile
Banner Grass Type.pngBanner Dragon Type.png Grid Sceptilite.png
Sprite 212-mega.png
Mega Scizor
Banner Bug Type.pngBanner Steel Type.png Grid Scizorite.png
Sprite 208-mega.png
Mega Steelix
Banner Steel Type.pngBanner Ground Type.png Grid Steelixite.png
Sprite 248-mega.png
Mega Tyranitar
Banner Rock Type.pngBanner Dark Type.png Grid Tyranitarite.png
Sprite 003-mega.png
Mega Venusaur
Banner Grass Type.pngBanner Poison Type.png Grid Venusaurite.png


Pokémon Type(s) Drop
Sprite 009-mega.png
Mega Blastoise
Banner Water Type.png Grid Blastoisinite.png
Sprite 130-mega.png
Mega Gyarados
Banner Water Type.pngBanner Dark Type.png Grid Gyaradosite.png
Sprite 319-mega.png
Mega Sharpedo
Banner Water Type.pngBanner Dark Type.png Grid Sharpedonite.png
Sprite 080-mega.png
Mega Slowbro
Banner Water Type.pngBanner Psychic Type.png Grid Slowbronite.png
Sprite 260-mega.png
Mega Swampert
Banner Water Type.pngBanner Ground Type.png Grid Swampertite.png


Boss Pokémon can drop several rare items after they are defeated. Many of those are unique and can't be obtained in any other way.
They are also the only source of Mega Stones.

In addition to the drops listed below, boss Pokémon will also drop same items that are dropped by their non-boss equivalent (e.g., a boss Mega Venusaur can drop vines).

Uncommon/Rare Boss

Grid Amulet Coin.png Amulet Coin
Grid Berry Sweet.png Berry Sweet
Grid Big Mushroom.png Big Mushroom
Grid Big Pearl.png Big Pearl
Grid Bright Powder.png Bright Powder
Grid Clover Sweet.png Clover Sweet
Grid Destiny Knot.png Destiny Knot
32px Dragon Breath
Grid Eviolite.png Eviolite
Grid Exp Share.png Exp Share
Grid Flame Orb.png Flame Orb
Grid Flower Sweet.png Flower Sweet
Grid Focus Band.png Focus Band
Grid Light Clay.png Light Clay
Grid Love Sweet.png Love Sweet
Grid Max Repel.png Max Repel
Grid Medium Candy.png Medium Candy
Grid Macho Brace.png Macho Brace
Grid Metronome.png Metronome
Grid Muscle Band.png Muscle Band
Grid Nugget.png Nugget
Grid Quick Claw.png Quick Claw
Grid Rare Candy.png Rare Candy
Grid Red Card.png Red Card
Grid Ribbon Sweet.png Ribbon Sweet
Grid Rocky Helmet.png Rocky Helmet
Grid Small Candy.png Small Candy
Grid Safety Goggles.png Safety Goggles
Grid Scope Lens.png Scope Lens
Grid Shed Shell.png Shed Shell
32px Skull
Grid Smoke Ball.png Smoke Ball
Grid Soothe Bell.png Soothe Bell
Grid Star Piece.png Star Piece
Grid Star Sweet.png Star Sweet
Grid Strawberry Sweet.png Strawberry Sweet
32px Totem of Undying
Grid Toxic Orb.png Toxic Orb
Grid Weakness Policy.png Weakness Policy
Grid Wide Lens.png Wide Lens
Grid Wise Glasses.png Wise Glasses
Grid Zoom Lens.png Zoom Lens

Legendary/Ultimate Boss

Grid Ability Capsule.png Ability Capsule
Grid Adamant Orb.png Adamant Orb
Grid Assault Vest.png Assault Vest
Grid Balm Mushroom.png Balm Mushroom
Grid Big Nugget.png Big Nugget
Grid Bug Memory Drive.png Bug Memory Drive
Grid Choice Band.png Choice Band
Grid Choice Scarf.png Choice Scarf
Grid Choice Specs.png Choice Specs
Grid Comet Shard.png Comet Shard
Grid Dark Memory Drive.png Dark Memory Drive
32px Dragon Egg
Grid Dragon Memory Drive.png Dragon Memory Drive
Grid Electric Memory Drive.png Electric Memory Drive
32px Elytra
Grid Exp All.png Exp All
Grid Expert Belt.png Expert Belt
Grid Extra Large Candy.png Extra Large Candy
Grid Fairy Memory Drive.png Fairy Memory Drive
Grid Fighting Memory Drive.png Fighting Memory Drive
Grid Fire Memory Drive.png Fire Memory Drive
Grid Flying Memory Drive.png Flying Memory Drive
Grid Focus Sash.png Focus Sash
Grid Ghost Memory Drive.png Ghost Memory Drive
Grid Grass Memory Drive.png Grass Memory Drive
Grid Griseous Orb.png Griseous Orb
Grid Ground Memory Drive.png Ground Memory Drive
Grid Ice Memory Drive.png Ice Memory Drive
Grid Large Candy.png Large Candy
Grid Leftovers.png Leftovers
Grid Life Orb.png Life Orb
Grid Lucky Egg.png Lucky Egg
Grid Lustrous Orb.png Lustrous Orb
Grid Master Ball.png Master Ball
Grid Max Repel.png Max Repel
Grid Meteorite.png Meteorite
Grid Moon Flute.png Moon Flute
Grid Nether Star.png Nether Star
Grid Orb.png Orb
Grid Pearl String.png Pearl String
Grid Poison Memory Drive.png Poison Memory Drive
Grid Power Anklet.png Power Anklet
Grid Power Band.png Power Band
Grid Power Belt.png Power Belt
Grid Power Bracer.png Power Bracer
Grid Power Lens.png Power Lens
Grid Power Weight.png Power Weight
Grid Psychic Memory Drive.png Psychic Memory Drive
Grid Repel.png Repel
Grid Rock Memory Drive.png Rock Memory Drive
32px Shulker Shell
Grid Steel Memory Drive.png Steel Memory Drive
Grid Sun Flute.png Sun Flute
Grid Water Memory Drive.png Water Memory Drive


  • "/pokespawn <pokémon> boss:1-4": Spawns the Boss version of the selected Pokémon, the rarity will be selected by the number.

Config settings


  • "battleAIBoss": The battle AI mode that boss Pokémon will use when choosing moves in battle.
  • "bossSpawnTicks": The average number of ticks before a Mega Evolved boss Pokémon attempts to spawn. (default= 1200)
  • "maxNumBosses": The maximum number of naturally spawning Mega Evolved boss Pokémon that can exist per 256 spawnable chunks. (default= 1)
  • "useExternalJSONFilesDrops": If set on "true", creates a "/drops" external folder in the path: <minecraft directory>/pixelmon/, allowing the user to modify "bossdrops.json" informations. (default= false)