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This page contains a list of all the customizable configurations available in Pixelmon with a short description on their functions and use.

In-game Config editor.

While it is recommended to only edit configs in their respective file, it is also possible to change the most important ones while in game by opening the "Pixelmon Config" menu, using the P key.
Any changes made while in-game will only be applied if the world is a Single-player/LAN one and the one making the changes is the host.

Servers require to act directly on the files using a text editor (ex: Notepad++) to apply any effective changes.

Any edit made to the files will be reflected only after a server/Minecraft restart or, if the edited file is pixelmon.hocon, with /pokereload command.

Note: Config files can be reset to default by deleting them. They will be regenerated on next Minecraft/server startup.


AFK Handler

The AFK handler is a system that automatically takes control of battling players that have not responded for an amount of time.
Once the AFK handler takes over, the unresponsive player may resume control at any time.

Setting Default Description
(.hocon) (In-Game)
afkActivateSeconds AFK activate seconds 90 The time in seconds before a player in a battle is declared to be AFK and the auto-battle code takes over for them.
afkHandlerTurnSeconds AFK turn seconds 15 The time in seconds before the auto-battle handler picks a move automatically each turn.
enableAFKHandler AFK handler enabled false Have auto-battle take over if the player is AFK during a battle. Activates after the specified time period and gives specified time for each turn after that.

Better Spawning

The most basic settings for the spawning system. They have been optimized over time to offer the most balanced experience possible.
Modifying them may generate lag or affect negatively the spawn rates.

Setting Default Description
(.hocon) (In-Game)
entitiesPerPlayer Entities per Player 40 The maximum number of entities (NPCs or Pokémon) that can spawn per player.
Lower for better performance.
horizontalSliceRadius Horizontal Slice Radius 16 The horizontal radius of the areas randomly selected near the player to do spawning in.
Lower for better performance but less reliable spawning.
horizontalTrackFactor Horizontal Track Factor 100 How many ticks "lead" the player tracking spawner will give players based on their motion. This tries to generate spawns at locations the player is about to be.
maximumDistanceFromCentre Max Distance from Centre 64 The maximum distance from the player that entities may spawn.
minimumDistanceBetweenSpawns Min Distance between Spawns 8 The minimum number of blocks between a spawned entity and an existing living entity.
minimumDistanceFromCentre Min Distance from Centre 8 The minimum distance from the player that entities may spawn.
The lower this is, the closer entities will spawn to players.
spawnFrequency Spawn Frequency 60 The number of spawn passes made per minute.
Decrease for better performance
spawnSetFolder Spawn Set Folder default Which folder to use under <minecraft directory>/pixelmon/spawning/ for spawn sets.
spawnsPerPass Spawns per Pass 2 The maximum number of spawns in a single spawn cycle for a single player.
Lower for slower spawning and better performance.
verticalSliceRadius Vertical Slice Radius 16 The vertical radius of the areas randomly selected near the player to do spawning in.
Lower for better performance but less reliable spawning.
Set it larger than horizontal to better match player behavior.
verticalTrackFactor Vertical Track Factor 0 How many ticks "lead" the player tracking spawner will give players based on their vertical motion.
Typically best as zero due to the interference jumping can cause.


Setting Default Description
(.hocon) (In-Game)
allowBreeding Allow breeding true
allowDittoDittoBreeding Allow Ditto-Ditto breeding true
allowRanchExpansion Enable ranch expansion true
allowRandomBreedingEggsToBeLegendary Ditto-Ditto can contain Legendaries false
allowRandomSpawnedEggsToBeLegendary /pokegiveegg can give Legendaries false
breedingEnvironmentCheckSeconds Seconds between environment checks 500
breedingTicks Ticks per stage 18000
numBreedingStages Breeding stages 5
stepsPerEggCycle Steps per Egg cycle 4
useBreedingEnvironment Use breeding environments true


Setting Default Description
(.hocon) (In-Game)
amuletCoinMultiplier Amulet coin multiplier 2
goldRushEnabled true
goldRushSuccessionIncrement 100
happyHourMultiplier Happy hour multiplier 2
payDayMultiplier Pay day multiplier 5


Setting Default Description
(.hocon) (In-Game)
elevatorSearchRange Search range (up/down) 16

External Moves

Setting Default Description
(.hocon) (In-Game)
allowDestructiveExternalMoves Allow destructive external moves true
allowExternalMoves Allow external moves true


Setting Default Description
(.hocon) (In-Game)
allowAnvilAutoreloading Enable anvil auto-reloading false
allowCaptureOutsideBattle Allow capture outside battle true
allowDynamax true
allowEventMoveTutors Allow event move tutors to spawn true
allowPayDayMoney Allow Pay Day money true
allowPlanting Allow Apricorn planting true
allowPokemonEditors Allow Pokemon editors true
allowPokemonNicknames Allow Pokémon nicknames true
allowPvPExperience Enable PvP exp. true
allowRiding Allow Pokémon to be ridden true
allowTMReuse Allow TM reuse true
allowTrainerExperience Enable Traner exp. true
allowVanillaMobs Enable vanilla mobs false
allowVanillaMusic Allow vanilla music false
alwaysHaveMegaRing Always have Mega ring false
awardPhotos Award photos to wild battle winners false
ballSlackRadius 1
battleAIBoss Boss Pokémon battle AI 2
battleAITrainer NPC Trainer battle AI 3
battleAIWild Wild Pokémon battle AI 1
bedsHealPokemon Beds heal Pokémon true
berryTreeGrowthMultiplier Berry Tree growth multiplier 1
bikeSpeed 0.7
canPokemonBeHit Can pokemon be hurt by players false
catchComboRestoreSeconds 1800
catchingCharmMaxChance 1500
chunkSpawnRadius Pokémon chunk spawn distance 6
cloningMachineEnabled Enable cloning machine true
computerBoxes Amount of PC boxes 30
curryTriggersLevelEvent Curry triggers level event true
dataSaveOnWorldSave Data save on world save true
despawnRadius Despawn Radius 80
doPokemonAttackPlayers false
doWitherEffect true
dynamaxEnergyBeam 5000
dynamaxScale 3
enablePointToSteer Enable point to steer true
enableRichPresence Enable discord rich presence true
enableWildAggression Enable aggressive wild Pokémon true
engagePlayerByPokeBall Enable challenge by throwing Poké Ball true
expCharmMaxChance 3000
expModifier Experience modifier 1
forceEndBattleResult Force-end battle result 0
growthScaleModifier Growth size variation 1
healerSpeed 100
lakeTrioMaxEnchants Lake trio max ruby enchants 3
levelCandyTriggersLevelEvent Level candy triggers level event true
lightTrioMaxWormholes Light trio max wormholes 3
lureRadius 5
lureShinyChance 2048
lureSpawns 10
lureTimer 1200
markCharmMaxChance 500
maxLevel Maximum level 100
maximumPlants Maximum plants 32
multiplePhotosOfSamePokemon Allow duplicate Pokémon photos true
namePlateRange Name plate distance 1
needHMToRide Need HM to ride false
ovalCharmMaxChance 500
pcsHealPokemon false
pickupRate Pickup rate 10
pokeRusChance 21845
pokeRusSpreadRate 20000
pokeRusTimerMax 345600
pokeRusTimerMin 86400
pokemonDropsEnabled Enable Pokémon drops true
printErrors Print more detailed errors true
ranchBlocksDropUpgrades true
rareCandyTriggersLevelEvent Rare candy triggers level event true
returnHeldItems Return held items after PvP battles true
reusableBirdShrines Allow bird shrine reuse false
ridingSpeedMultiplier Riding speed multiplier 1
scalePokemonModels Increase model size by 30% true
scarecrowEffectPeriod 30
scarecrowRadius 32
showIVsEVs false
showWildNames Show wild Pokémon names true
spawnBirdShrines Spawn bird shrines true
spawnStructures Spawn Pixelmon structures in world true
spawnersOpOnly Spawners op only true
starterOnJoin Starter list on join true
stopTeleportingPokemon false
systemTimeSyncInterval Seconds between time syncs 30
tradersReusable Traders are reusable false
useDropGUI Use drop GUI true
useExternalJSONFilesBreedingConditions Use external JSON files for breeding conditions false Main article: External JSON/Breeding Conditions
useExternalJSONFilesDrops Use external JSON files for drops false Main article: External JSON/Drops
useExternalJSONFilesGenerationsGroup false Main article: External JSON/Generations Group
useExternalJSONFilesMoves Use external JSON files for moves false Main article: External JSON/Moves
useExternalJSONFilesNPCs Use external JSON files for NPCs false Main article: External JSON/NPCs
useExternalJSONFilesPokemon Use external JSON files for pokemon false Main article: External JSON/Pokemon
useExternalJSONFilesRules Use external JSON files for battle rules false Main article: External JSON/Rules
useExternalJSONFilesSpawnColors false Main article: External JSON/Spawn Colors
useExternalJSONFilesSpawning Use external JSON files for spawning false Main article: External JSON/Spawning
useExternalJSONFilesStructures Use external JSON files for structures false Main article: External JSON/Structures
useExternalJSONFilesTrades Use external JSON files for trades false Main article: External JSON/Trades
useSystemTimeForWorldTime Use system time for world time false
wishingStar 5000
wishingStarDexCompletion 0.60
writeEntitiesToWorld Save entities to world false


Setting Default Description
(.hocon) (In-Game)
drawHealthBars Draw Pokémon health bars false
lowResTextures Potato mode false
playerControlCamera Player-controlled battle camera true
pokemonRenderDistance 64.0
renderDistanceWeight Render distance weight 2
showCurrentAttackTarget Show current attack target true
useBattleCamera Use battle camera true
useOriginalPokemonTexturesForStatues Statues use original textures true
useSmoothShadingOnPokeBalls Smooth shading on Poké Balls true
useSmoothShadingOnPokemon Smooth shading on Pokémon true


Setting Default Description
(.hocon) (In-Game)
hordeMaxSpawnAmount 5
hordeMaxSpawnLevel 8
hordeMinSpawnAmount 3
hordeMinSpawnLevel 4
hordeTriggerChance 20
hordesEnabled true


Setting Default Description
(.hocon) (In-Game)
ticksPerStep 20


Setting Default Description
(.hocon) (In-Game)
tickRate24Radius Spawn tick rate within 24 blocks 1
tickRate48Radius Spawn tick rate within 48 blocks 2
tickRateHigherRadius Spawn tick rate higher than 48 blocks 3


Setting Default Description
(.hocon) (In-Game)
blocksHaveLegendaries Allow Legendaries from blocks false
eventCoords Event Poké Gift spawning coordinates N/A
eventHasLegendaries Allow Legendaries in event Poké Gifts false
eventHasShinies Enable event Poké Gift Shinies false
eventMaxPokemon Event Poké Gift maximum Pokémon 1
eventPokeGiftLoad Enable event Poké Gift spawning false
eventShinyRate Event Poké Gift shiny rate (1/x) 10
eventTime Event Poké Gift custom date (D/M) N/A
pokeGiftHaveEvents Enable Poké Gift events true
pokeGiftReusable Poké Gifts reusable false
scaleGrassBattles Scale grass battle levels to player false


Setting Default Description
(.hocon) (In-Game)
spawnGrotto Spawn Hidden Grottos true
spawnHidden Spawn invisible PokéLoot true
spawnMode PokéLoot spawn mode 0
spawnNormal Spawn normal PokéLoot true
spawnRate PokéLoot spawn rate 1
timedLootReuseHours Reuse cooldown 24
timedPokeStopReuseHours 24
wildPokemonHidingInLoot true
wildPokemonLootSpawnChance 20

Server Info

Setting Default Description
(.hocon) (In-Game)
serverDisplayName null
serverIconName null
serverKey null

Shiny Rates

Setting Default Description
(.hocon) (In-Game)
catchComboTier1 Tier 1 catch combo 1728
catchComboTier1Charm Tier 1 catch combo with shiny charm 1296
catchComboTier2 Tier 2 catch combo 1296
catchComboTier2Charm Tier 2 catch combo with shiny charm 972
catchComboTier3 Tier 3 catch combo 972
catchComboTier3Charm Tier 3 catch combo with shiny charm 729
enableCatchComboShinyLock Lock catch combo to one species true
enableCatchCombos Enable catch combos true
shinyRateWithCharm Shiny rate with shiny charm 3072


Setting Default Description
(.hocon) (In-Game)
disableArceusMethod false
limitHoOh Limit Ho-Oh false
limitMew Limit Mew 3
limitRayquaza Limit Rayquaza false
limitRegigigas Limit Regigigas false


Setting Default Description
(.hocon) (In-Game)
Gen1 Generations true
Gen2 Generations true
Gen3 Generations true
Gen4 Generations true
Gen5 Generations true
Gen6 Generations true
Gen7 Generations true
Gen8 Generations true
bossSpawnTicks Boss spawn ticks 1200
despawnOnFleeOrLoss Despawn on flee or loss false
displayLegendaryGlobalMessage Display Legendary global message true
distancePerLevel Distance per level 30
gmaxFactorSpawnRate 512
gymChance 0.125
hiddenAbilitySpawnRate Hidden Ability spawn rate 150
maxFlyingPokemon Max flying Pokémon 2
maxLandPokemon Max land Pokémon 40
maxLevelByDistance Maximum spawn level (by distance) 60
maxNumBosses Max bosses 1
maxNumNPCs Max NPCs 4
maxNumTotems Max totems 1
maxSpawnsPerTick Max Spawns per Tick 100
maxUndergroundPokemon Max underground Pokémon 20
maxWaterPokemon Max water Pokémon 20
replaceMCVillagers Replace Minecraft villagers true
shinySpawnRate Shiny spawn rate (1/x) 4096
spawnDimensions Dimensions to spawn in 0
spawnGyms Spawn Gyms true
spawnLevelsByDistance Spawn levels by distance false
spawnPokeMarts Spawn shopkeepers true
spawnTickRate Spawn ticks 60
totemSpawnTicks Totem spawn ticks 1200
ultraShinySpawnRate Ultra shiny rate 16
useRecentLevelMoves Spawn with recent moves false


Setting Default Description
(.hocon) (In-Game)
level Starter level 5
shiny Shiny starters false
starterList Starter list

Sprite 001.png Bulbasaur
Sprite 004.png Charmander
Sprite 007.png Squirtle
Sprite 152.png Chikorita
Sprite 155.png Cyndaquil
Sprite 158.png Totodile
Sprite 252.png Treecko
Sprite 255.png Torchic
Sprite 258.png Mudkip
Sprite 387.png Turtwig
Sprite 390.png Chimchar
Sprite 393.png Piplup
Sprite 495.png Snivy
Sprite 498.png Tepig
Sprite 501.png Oshawott
Sprite 650.png Chespin
Sprite 653.png Fennekin
Sprite 656.png Froakie
Sprite 722.png Rowlet
Sprite 725.png Litten
Sprite 728.png Popplio
Sprite 810.png Grookey
Sprite 813.png Scorbunny
Sprite 816.png Sobble

Main article: Starter list customization


Setting Default Description
(.hocon) (In-Game)
asyncInterval Async interval 60
useAsyncSaving Use async saving false


Setting Default Description
(.hocon) (In-Game)
furRegrowth Fur regrowth 600000
hoopaUnbound Hoopa Unbound 600000

World Generation

Setting Default Description
(.hocon) (In-Game)
generatePokeGass false
pokeChestBiomeBlackList Disallowed pokechest biomes oceans
pokeChestBiomeWhiteList Allow pokechest biomes all


Setting Default Description
(.hocon) (In-Game)
conditions dimensions:
0, -1, 1, 24
Defines the basic spawn conditions all Pokémon have to follow to be able to spawn.
anticonditions Defines the basic spawn conditions all Pokémon must not fall under to be able to spawn.
intervalSeconds "legendary":
Value (in seconds) used to guarantee that particular kinds of spawns cannot happen too often in a window of time.
It is possible to create and give custom intervals to specific Pokémon, if desired.
For more infos check IntervalSeconds editing.

"high grass":

Defines what blocks fall under what category when categorizing spawning locations.

Biomes Types

Defines what biomes fall under what category when categorizing spawning locations.