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Pixelmon Generations grants Server Owners and Map Makers a vast choice of Customizable features.

From Special Textures, to Pokémon, to Shrines, many features can be customized at will, and more will be added with future updates!

If a guide is not clear enough or you are looking for more infos about it, feel free to join our official Discord! Ask experienced players about your doubts!

Pixelmon 1.19

Grid Warning.png All the following Guides have been written after the Pixelmon 1.19 update, so cannot be fully trusted for older versions Grid Warning.png

Guide Description


All Pixelmon existing interfaces with full guide on their navigation and, where possible, customization


All Pixelmon implemented commands with a guide on how to use them to customize your world

Configs Guide

All Pixelmon configurable settings with a short description on their use and applications


How to add misc assets into the mod
(Cosmetics, Pokémon/NPC skins, Items, PokéParticles, PC Backgrounds, GUIs, Popups and much more)


How to customize the many Drop pools added by the mod


How to create customized Pokémon and add them into the mod


Pokémon Icons (and much more) that can be used by server owners and mod developers to create customized menus and items.


How to create a customized Moves, add them onto a Pokémon or modify existing moves


How to customize NPCs

Pokémon Specs

How to spawn/give unique and detailed Pokémon


How to edit the list of mountable Pokémon


How to create a custom summoning area with the Generations Shrine


How to modify existing Spawn files to edit where, when and at what conditions a Pokémon can spawn


How to customize a Pokémon's base stats and informations


How to add your custom structures to the Pixelmon structure spawner


How to create a customized texture for a Pokémon and add it into the mod