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Item Information
Grid64 Fire Stone.png Evolution Items are special kinds of Items that are tied to a certain specie of Pokémon and can be used to make it evolve.

These items will only take effect under certain conditions, such as:

- when the Trainer uses them (right-click) on the Pokémon,
- when held by the Pokémon under specific conditions (i.e. The Oval Stone),
- when held by the Pokémon while Trading (i.e. The Metal Coat).

In some cases, the form taken while evolving will also depend on the time of the day and the state the Trainer is in (i.e. The Alcremie Sweets).

Evo Stones

Evolution Stones
Grid64 Dawn Stone.png Grid64 Dusk Stone.png Grid64 Fire Stone.png Grid64 Ice Stone.png Grid64 Leaf Stone.png Grid64 Moon Stone.png Grid64 Shiny Stone.png Grid64 Sun Stone.png Grid64 Thunder Stone.png Grid64 Water Stone.png
Dawn Stone Dusk Stone Fire Stone Ice Stone Leaf Stone Moon Stone Shiny Stone Sun Stone Thunder Stone Water Stone

Evo Items

Evolution Items
Grid64 Alcremie Sweets.png File:Grid64 Black Augurite.png Grid64 Chipped Pot.png Grid64 Cracked Pot.png Grid64 Deep Sea Scale.png Grid64 Deep Sea Tooth.png Grid64 Dragon Scale.png
Alcremie Sweets Black Augurite Chipped Pot Cracked Pot Deep Sea Scale Deep Sea Tooth Dragon Scale
Grid64 Dubious Disc.png Grid64 Electirizer.png File:Grid64 Galarica Cuff.png File:Grid64 Galarica Wreath.png Grid64 Kings Rock.png File:Grid64 Linking Cord.png Grid64 Magmarizer.png
Dubious Disc Electirizer Galarica Cuff Galarica Wreath Kings Rock Linking Cord Magmarizer
Grid64 Metal Coat.png Grid64 Oval Stone.png File:Grid64 Peat Block.png Grid64 Prism Scale.png Grid64 Protector.png Grid64 Razor Claw.png Grid64 Razor Fang.png
Metal Coat Oval Stone Peat Block Prism Scale Protector Razor Claw Razor Fang
Grid64 Reaper Cloth.png Grid64 Sachet.png Grid64 Sweet Apple.png Grid64 Tart Apple.png Grid64 Upgrade.png Grid64 Whipped Dream.png Grid64 Blank.png
Reaper Cloth Sachet Sweet Apple Tart Apple Upgrade Whipped Dream Blank


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Evo Rocks

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