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Item Information
Grid64 Helix Fossil.png A Fossil is an Item that contains traces of the DNA of an organism from the past, such as a skeleton, shell, or leaf, preserved in the earth.

A Covered Fossil can only be revived after being cleaned with a Fossil Cleaner.

Every Fossil can be revived into an ancient Pokémon, commonly known as Fossil Pokémon, using a Fossil Machine, but some of them (Grid Bird Fossil.pngBird, Grid Fish Fossil.pngFish, Grid Dino Fossil.pngDino and Grid Drake Fossil.pngDrake Fossil) will need to be crafted together to be revived.

A Fossil can be obtained in many different ways:

Grid64 Helix Fossil.png Grid64 Dome Fossil.png Grid64 Old Amber.png Grid64 Root Fossil.png Grid64 Claw Fossil.png Grid64 Skull Fossil.png Grid64 Armor Fossil.png Grid64 Cover Fossil.png
Helix Fossil Dome Fossil Old Amber Root Fossil Claw Fossil Skull Fossil Armor Fossil Cover Fossil
Grid64 Plume Fossil.png Grid64 Jaw Fossil.png Grid64 Sail Fossil.png Grid64 Bird Fossil.png Grid64 Fish Fossil.png Grid64 Dino Fossil.png Grid64 Drake Fossil.png Grid64 Blank.png
Plume Fossil Jaw Fossil Sail Fossil Bird Fossil Fish Fossil Dino Fossil Drake Fossil Blank