Furniture Blocks

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File:Decorated House.png
Image of a house decorated with Pixelmon furnitures.

Furniture Blocks are special types of Decoration Blocks that can be used to further customize your builds.

They have many different styles and uses, and some can even be interacted with to open a special GUI or inventory.
Furnitures are mainly used to bring color to your build and create your dream Pokémon city, but they also have uses different from the sole decoration. Many blocks can be used by the player to sit on, other emit light or redstone signals when in use, some other can be used to contain and expone items.

Some particular Furnitures can also be used to affect Pokémon spawning, increasing or stopping it in the area they are placed, or even summoning Pokémon that cannot spawn naturally.

Most of these blocks can be found naturally spawned in many of the Structures added by Pixelmon. They can all be crafted, each with its own unique recipe.

Pixelmon is in constant evolution, and more pieces of furniture will be added in the future!

Interiors Furniture
Grid Bean Bag.png Bean Bags
Grid Red Clock.png Clocks
32px Couches
Grid Red Cushion Chair.png Cushion Chairs
Grid Poke Displayball.png Display Balls
Grid Foongus Cushion.png Floor Cushions
Grid Red Fossil Display.png Fossil Displays
Grid Hidden Iron Door.png Hidden Blocks
32px Lamps & Co
Grid Trade Machine.png Machines
Grid Painting.png Paintings
Grid Red Poke Ball Rug.png Poké Rugs
32px Pokémon Painting
32px Shelves
Grid Red Swivel Chair.png Swivel Chairs
Grid Clothed Table.png Tables & Co
Grid Hdtv.png TVs & Electronics
Grid Box.png Other Furniture
Exteriors Furniture
Grid Cooking Pot.png Cooking Pot
Grid White Picket Fence.png Fences
Grid Pillar.png Pillar Blocks
Grid Tree.png Plants
32px Street Lamps
Grid Red Umbrella.png Umbrellas
Grid Red Water Float.png Water Floats
Grid Box.png Other Furniture


  • Do you think that a Pokémon-related furniture would fit nicely into the mod? Suggest it in our official GitHub!