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Effect of Generations Buddy, pokémon icons shown in the minimap.

The Generations Buddy sidemod adds support for Journey map mod to show Pokémon icons on the minimap.

The spawned pokémon will be shown in the form of its sprite.Sprite 001.png
Shiny and Special pokémon will appear on the map with their corresponding sprite, if they have one.
Totem and Boss pokémon will not be marked in a different way, appearing with their non-totem/boss equivalent sprite on the map.

Once installed, follow the in-game setup guide to make the icons show on the map.


Generations Buddy can only be installed on the Client and is not needed on the Server.


  1. Download Generations Buddy from the sidemods section of the downloads page.
  2. Drop/move the downloaded jar file into the mods folder on the launcher's main directory.
  3. Ensure that Journey map is in the mods folder.
  4. Start the modpack and wait for all mods to load.

In-game Setup

To enable the Pokémon icons in the minimap, you have to:

  1. Hit J key
  2. Click on the "Options" square button
  3. Click on Minimap Preset 1
  4. Scroll down and click multiple times on "Mob Display" button until Large Icons appears

It is also possible to repeat the process above for Minimap Preset 2 and Fullscreen Map if desired.


There are no commands for Generations Buddy.


There are no permissions for Generations Buddy.

Config Settings

There are no config settings for Generations Buddy.