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A Gigantamax Corviknight. - Scale reducted

Dynamax (or D-Max) is a temporary battle transformation that can affect every Pokémon (except for Zacian, Zamazenta and Eternatus) and can only be used once each battle.
This transformation has another special variant known as Gigantamax.

Pokémon cannot be Dynamaxed outside battle.

The Dynamax transformation triples the Pokémon size for 3 turns, multiplying its HP from 1.5x to 2x and unlocking unique powerful moves, known as Max Moves. If the user is defeated or switched out before the end of the 3 turns, the transformation is reverted abruptly.
- The boost on HP affects every Pokémon except Shedinja, and is completely dependant on the Pokémon Dynamax Level.
- The Max Moves are special moves that deal a different amount of damage depending on the type of the base moves the Pokémon knows; all Status moves become Max Guard when Dynamaxed.

You are only able to choose one between Dynamax and Mega Evolution, as it is not possible to equip both the Mega Bracelet and the Dynamax Band at the same time.
To Mega Evolve your Pokémon again you have to equip the Mega Bracelet from the Bag in the bottom-left of your Inventory.

How to Dynamax

Dynamax Icon

To gain access to Dynamax, a Trainer will have to obtain a Dynamax Band, an unique key item that can be later be equipped/unequipped from the Bag in the player's Inventory.

To unlock the Dynamax Band, the Trainer will have to right-click an Uncharged Dynamax Band while holding a Wishing Star in the inventory (the star will have a chance to fall from the sky only after 60% or more of the Pokédex has been completed).

Once unlocked, you will be able to Dynamax in any battle!
Click the Dynamax button (as shown on the right) in the Move selection menu to convert any move into its Max Move equivalent. Selecting one of them will start the Dynamax transformation sequence!

Note: If you still cannot Dynamax after obtaining the Dynamax Band, you will have to equip it by hand!
Open the Bag in the bottom-left of your Inventory to be able to choose between all the equippable items.

Gigantamax Gigantamaxicon.png

Gigantamax (or G-Max) is a special type of Dynamax tranformation that only some Pokémon have access to.
A Pokémon appearance will change significantly while Gigantamaxed, unlike regular Dynamaxing.
There are 32 species of Pokémon capable of Gigantamaxing.

To gain access to Gigantamax, a Pokémon must have the Gigantamax Factor Gigantamaxicon.png after its name. The G-Max Factor cannot be passed down through Breeding.
Having the Gigantamax Factor makes Eevee, Kantonian Meowth and Pikachu unable to evolve.

Gigantamaxing a Pokémon makes it gain any effect the Dynamax tranformation would grant, with the addiction of G-Max Moves, Pokémon-specific stronger moves with powerful secondary effects.

How to gain Gigantamax Factor

Wild Pokémon have a 1512 chance to spawn with the Gigantamax Factor. Once caught, the Pokémon will show the Gigantamaxicon.png icon after their name in both the HUD and Summary menu.

The Gigantamax Factor can also be gained by a Pokémon that doesn't have it by the use of a Grid Cooking Pot.pngCooking Pot:

Give it to your Pokémon to eat to let it gain the G-Max Factor!
(Only Gigantamaxable Pokémon can gain the Gigantamax Factor.)

Urshifu will need two extra steps to gain the G-Max Factor:

Note: Melmetal cannot gain the G-Max Factor via Max Soup, it can only be obtained randomly when summoned.

Pokémon capable of Gigantamax

Pokémon Type(s) G-Max Move
Base Form Gigantamax
Sprite 869.png
Sprite 869-gigantamax.png
Gigantamax Alcremie
Banner Fairy Type.png G-Max Finale
Sprite 842.png
Sprite 842-gigantamax.png
Gigantamax Appletun
Banner Grass Type.png Banner Dragon Type.png G-Max Sweetness
Sprite 009.png
Gigantamax Blastoise Banner Water Type.png G-Max Cannonade
Sprite 012.png
Sprite 012-gigantamax.png
Gigantamax Butterfree
Banner Bug Type.png Banner Flying Type.png G-Max Befuddle
Sprite 851.png
Sprite 851-gigantamax.png
Gigantamax Centiskorch
Banner Fire Type.png Banner Bug Type.png G-Max Centiferno
Sprite 006.png
Sprite 006-gigantamax.png
Gigantamax Charizard
Banner Fire Type.png Banner Flying Type.png G-Max Wildfire
Sprite 815.png
Gigantamax Cinderace Banner Fire Type.png G-Max Fireball
Sprite 839.png
Sprite 839-gigantamax.png
Gigantamax Coalossal
Banner Rock Type.png Banner Fire Type.png G-Max Volcalith
Sprite 879.png
Sprite 879-gigantamax.png
Gigantamax Copperajah
Banner Steel Type.png G-Max Steelsurge
Sprite 823.png
Sprite 823-gigantamax.png
Gigantamax Corviknight
Banner Flying Type.png Banner Steel Type.png G-Max Wind Rage
Sprite 834.png
Sprite 834-gigantamax.png
Gigantamax Drednaw
Banner Water Type.png Banner Rock Type.png G-Max Stonesurge
Sprite 884.png
Sprite 884-gigantamax.png
Gigantamax Duraludon
Banner Steel Type.png Banner Dragon Type.png G-Max Depletion
Sprite 133.png
Sprite 133-gigantamax.png
Gigantamax Eevee
Banner Normal Type.png G-Max Cuddle
Sprite 841.png
Sprite 841-gigantamax.png
Gigantamax Flapple
Banner Grass Type.png Banner Dragon Type.png G-Max Tartness
Sprite 569.png
Sprite 569-gigantamax.png
Gigantamax Garbodor
Banner Poison Type.png G-Max Malodor
Sprite 094.png
Sprite 094-gigantamax.png
Gigantamax Gengar
Banner Ghost Type.png Banner Poison Type.png G-Max Terror
Sprite 861.png
Sprite 861-gigantamax.png
Gigantamax Grimmsnarl
Banner Dark Type.png Banner Fairy Type.png G-Max Snooze
Sprite 858.png
Sprite 858-gigantamax.png
Gigantamax Hatterene
Banner Psychic Type.png Banner Fairy Type.png G-Max Smite
Sprite 818.png
Gigantamax Inteleon Banner Water Type.png G-Max Hydrosnipe
Sprite 099.png
Sprite 099-gigantamax.png
Gigantamax Kingler
Banner Water Type.png G-Max Foam Burst
Sprite 131.png
Sprite 131-gigantamax.png
Gigantamax Lapras
Banner Water Type.png Banner Ice Type.png G-Max Resonance
Sprite 068.png
Sprite 068-gigantamax.png
Gigantamax Machamp
Banner Fighting Type.png G-Max Chi Strike
Sprite 809.png
Sprite 809-gigantamax.png
Gigantamax Melmetal
Banner Steel Type.png G-Max Meltdown
Sprite 052.png
Sprite 052-gigantamax.png
Gigantamax Meowth
Banner Normal Type.png G-Max Gold Rush
Sprite 826.png
Sprite 826-gigantamax.png
Gigantamax Orbeetle
Banner Bug Type.png Banner Psychic Type.png G-Max Gravitas
Sprite 025.png
Sprite 025-gigantamax.png
Gigantamax Pikachu
Banner Electric Type.png G-Max Volt Crash
Sprite 812.png
Gigantamax Rillaboom Banner Grass Type.png G-Max Drum Solo
Sprite 844.png
Sprite 844-gigantamax.png
Gigantamax Sandaconda
Banner Ground Type.png G-Max Sandblast
Sprite 143.png
Sprite 143-gigantamax.png
Gigantamax Snorlax
Banner Normal Type.png G-Max Replenish
Sprite 849.png
Sprite 849-gigantamax.png
Gigantamax Toxtricity
Banner Electric Type.png Banner Poison Type.png G-Max Stun Shock
Sprite 892-single.png
Urshifu Single Strike
Gigantamax Urshifu Single Strike Banner Fighting Type.png Banner Dark Type.png G-Max One Blow
Sprite 892-rapid.png
Urshifu Rapid Strike
Gigantamax Urshifu Rapid Strike Banner Fighting Type.png Banner Water Type.png G-Max Rapid Flow
Sprite 003.png
Gigantamax Venusaur Banner Grass Type.png Banner Poison Type.png G-Max Vine Lash

Dynamax Level

Dynamax Level Bar highlighted in red.

In every Pokémon Summary, you can find a dedicated bar that indicates their Dynamax Level, the higher the level, the more HP the Pokémon will have when Dynamaxed.

The Dynamax Level can be increased by right-clicking the Pokémon with a Dynamax Candy.
For each level, the Pokémon gains 5% more HP, up to a maximum of 100%:

Level Increase in HP
0 50%
1 55%
2 60%
3 65%
4 70%
5 75%
6 80%
7 85%
8 90%
9 95%
10 100%

Max Moves

Main article: Max Moves

Max Moves are poweful moves that every Pokémon can use while Dynamaxed. Its Type and Power will depend on the base move the Pokémon knew before Dynamaxing.

G-Max Moves are special types of Max Moves only Gigantamaxed Pokémon can use.


All Dynamax Pokémon are immune to flinching.

Also Dynamax pokemon are unaffected by:

Config settings


  • "allowDynamax": Whether Pokémon are able to Dynamax or not.
  • "dynamaxScale": Sets the scale multiplier for Dynamax Pokémon (how much they will grow from their base form) (default= 3).
  • "gmaxFactorSpawnRate": Sets the 1/x chance of a wild Pokémon spawning with G-Max Factor (default= 512).
  • "goldRushEnabled": Whether or not to enable money aspect of G-Max Gold Rush.
  • "dynamaxEnergyBeam": Sets the 1/x chance of a Dynamax Energy Beam to spawn around you (default= 5000)
  • "wishingStar": Sets the 1/x chance of a Wishing Star to spawn around the player (default= 5000)
  • "wishingStarDexCompletion": Sets the % of the Pokédex that a player must have completed for wishing stars to spawn on them (default= 0.60 (= 60%))