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Pokémon size in the Stats UI highlighted in blue.

The Growth (or Size) Stat is a factor that determines the relative size of Pokémon compared to other Pokémon of the same species.

This factor is generated randomly when the Pokémon spawns, and cannot be modified in any way normally.
It can only be edited/selected when in Creative-mode by the use of the Pokémon Editor wand or the Pokémon specs with /pokespawn and /pokegive commands.

On most Pokémon, the Growth is only an aesthetical factor and doesn't affect the Pokémon's stats and behavior in battle in any way. This does not apply to Pumpkaboo and Gourgeist, that have a stats variation depending on its size.

A Pokémon's size also grows as its level increases, but this factor is independent of the growth stat.

While a Pokémon can spawn with every of the sizes listed below, the Microscopic and Ginormous sizes can only be obtained through Breeding.
This is the list of all the possible sizes a Pokémon can have (from the smallest to the biggest):

ID Growth Size multiplier Chance
8 Microscopic 0.33x 0%
0 Pygmy 0.5x 5%
1 Runt 0.75x 10%
2 Small 0.9x 20%
3 Ordinary 1x 30%
4 Huge 1.1x 20%
5 Giant 1.25x 10%
6 Enormous 1.5x 5%
7 Ginormous 1.66x 0%
Alpha icon.pngAlpha 1.75x Alpha Pokémon-exclusive


A Pokémon's size can be passed down through Breeding.
There is no special need to satisfy to pass down a parent's size (i.e. Holding a special item, using a special Environment, ...).

The size of the offspring is determined by the growth between the mother's and father's growths (you can find the ordered list of growths in the table above), with some random variance.
So, if two parents with the growths Giant and Runt make an offspring, the resulting Pokémon will have:

- ⅓ chance to be of Ordinary size,
- ⅓ chance to be of Huge size,
- ⅓ chance to be of Small size.

The two sizes directly next to the determined growth (in this example, Ordinary growth) will also have a chance to pass to the offspring.

This slight variance in growth will occur even if both parents have the same growth.

The Microscopic and Ginormous sizes can be obtained (respectively) by breeding two Pygmy or two Enromous size parents. The offspring will have ⅓ chance to inherit this rare growth.


  • "/pokespawn <pokémon> gr:<0-8>": Spawns a Pokémon of the selected size at your position.

Config settings


  • "growthScaleModifier": Sets how much growth affects the Pokémon size. (default= 1)