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Pixelmon is a massive mod that adds thousands of features to Minecraft. We hope this guide helps you with your adventure!

Pixelmon presents many Pokémon features, both from original and spin off games, adapted to Minecraft in an intuitive fashion, but some of them can still be hard to decipher.
This page collects a list of redirects to sections you may find useful to understand how to play the mod.

The mod also adds the Wiki redirect Grid64 Wiki Button.png, a keybind that can be used to get more informations about an item held by the player or a pointed entity/block.

If you struggle to find what you are looking for, feel free to join our official Discord! Ask experienced players about your doubts!



Windows Mac Linux


Windows 7 10.9 Mavericks


Intel Core i3 3210 / AMD A8 7600 APU Intel Core i3 Intel Core i3-3210
(or equivalent)

Java Version:

Java 17 (64-bit) Java 17 (64-bit) Java 17 (64-bit)


(2+ dedicated to the launcher)
(2+ dedicated to the launcher)
(2+ dedicated to the launcher)


Discreet video card Discreet video card Discreet video card


~300 MB available space ~300 MB available space ~300 MB available space

Sound Card:

Yes Yes Yes
Grid Warning.png If you plan to play an older version of Pixelmon, download and install Java 8 (64-bit) or Minecraft will not be able to start at all. Grid Warning.png



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Grid Sunstone.png How to...



- How does Spawning work?

Main article: Spawning

- How to make a Pokéball?

Main article: Crafting Kit

- How to obtain the Alternative Form of a Pokémon?

Main article: How to obtain alternative Forms

- How to Rename a Pokémon?

Main article: How to Rename

- How to Breed two Pokémon?

Main article: Breeding

- How to Hatch a Pokémon Egg?

Main article: Egg

- What are Type Candies for?

Type Candies are the most common drop of every Pokémon. They were introduced with 1.19 Pixelmon update and serve as main exchange material with Villagers.

Main article: Type-based Candies

- What is this item for?

All items have a short description on their use or lore implemented in the mod. It is possible to check it by hovering on the item with your mouse cursor and pressing the Shift key.
It is also possible to get a fast wiki redirect by pressing the K key while holding an item.

Main article: Items


- How to Summon X Legend?

Main article: Legendary Pokémon

- How to Access the Ultra Space?

Main article: Enter the Ultra Space

- How do I get Cosmetics?

Main article: Cosmetics

- How to Mega Evolve?

Main article: Mega Evolution
Main article: Mega Evolution (external move)

- How to Dynamax?

Main article: Dynamax

- How to Change a Pokémon's Original Trainer?

Main article: Changing Original Trainer

- How to Cook Curry?

Main article: Cooking Pot

- How to Farm Apricorn/Berries?

Main article: Plants

- How to Fish?

Main article: How to Fish

- How to Increase/Decrease Friendship?

Main article: Happiness

- How to Revive a Fossil?

Main article: Fossil Machine

- How to Teach a Pokémon a move that is no more a TM/HM?

For TMs and TRs, Pixelmon Generations follows the organization of latest released official Pokémon game.

All the moves that do not have anymore the TM/HM status can still be obtained by level up, breeding or by interacting with a Move Tutor.

- How to use External Moves?

Main article: External Moves

- What is a Mark and How do I get it?

Main article: Marks


- How do I get to my Minecraft directory?

The way to find your Minecraft directory depends on your system and the launcher you are using. Below you can find guides on different systems.

  • Windows:
- Forge - In your search bar type %appdata%. Then follow %appdata%/.minecraft.
- Technic - In your search bar type %appdata%. Then follow %appdata%/.technic/modpacks/pixelmon-513-pro.
  • Mac:
- Forge - In your search bar type ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft.
- Technic - In your search bar type ~/Library/Application Support/technic/modpacks/pixelmon-513-pro.
  • Linux:
- Forge - In your search bar type ~/.minecraft.
- Technic - In your search bar type ~/.technic/modpacks/pixelmon-513-pro.
  • Server:
- Local host - Navigate to the folder you generated at the start of our Server Setup guide.
- Online host - Check on your server hosting website, most of them have a Control Panel that lets you manage your server files.

- Anything I need to know when creating a Pixelmon modpack?

When creating a Pixelmon modpack, we highly recommend to start building it around the Pixelmon mod! Test one by one the other mods compatibility with Pixelmon.
Pixelmon adds hundreds of features and mechanics to Minecraft, and not all may be compatible with other existing mods.

There is not only one type of incompatibility when talking about Pixelmon:
- Absolute incompatibility (can cause crashes or big issues)   -   Mods to avoid at all costs, consult our incompatibility page for a list.
- Expected incompatibility (one mod overwrites the features of the other)   -   Mainly mods that add mobs to Minecraft, the Pixelmon spawner overwrites the natural Minecraft mob spawner, so added mobs may not be able to spawn naturally.
- No support (both mods will work, but features of a mod will not be supported by the other)   -   Not all other mods support Pixelmon, and Pixelmon does not support all other mods; meaning that Pixelmon features (such as Pokémon and loot) will not generate in features added by those mods, unless otherwise specified in this wiki.
When adding Pixelmon sidemods, always download them from the official Sidemods page, or double check they specify "Generations" in their name.

- How does Pixelmon categorize biomes? And why?

Main article: Biomes Types

- How to add custom tags/intervals to a group of Pokémon?

Main article: IntervalSeconds Editing

- How to disable Biomes o' Plenty auto-downloading?

Pixelmon Generations auto-downloads Biomes o' Plenty on start-up.

To disable this feature, create a .txt file named skipbopdownload.txt and add it to your /mods folder.

- How to keep Player and Pokémon data when re-creating my world?

All Player and Pokémon informations are saved into the current world folder, so when deleting the world they will be lost forever.

It is possible to share these data between different worlds by following this guide:
  1. Open your /saves folder, located inside your minecraft directory;
  2. Open the current world folder and locate /playerdata and /pokemon folders;
  3. Create a backup of both folders on your desktop and re-generate your world;
  4. Replace the new world /playerdata and /pokemon folders with the backups;
  5. Restart your game/server to apply the changes.

- How to manage a server to reduce lag and issues to the bare minimum?

Main article: Server Performance Guide

- How to regenerate Configs?

Main article: How to Regenerate configs

- How to show Pokémon icons on my minimap mod?

Currently only Journey Map is supported for this function.

Main article: Generations Buddy

- How to Spawn/Give a Pokémon with specific features?

Main article: Pokémon Specs

- What are External JSONs and why should I use them?

External JSON are the most reliable method to customize certain aspects of Pixelmon, such as Drops, Spawning and Structures. However, they tend to get outdated easily, so remember to regenerate them regularly.

Main article: External JSON

- Which Pixelmon features can I Customize, and how to do so?

Main article: Customization

- How can I help translate Pixelmon?

Main article: Translation guidelines

- How to translate the Pixelmon wiki?

Main article: Translation guidelines