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Image of a Fungus structure in a Flower Field biome.
~ Looking for the list of all Structures loot table?! ~ Refer to: Loot Tables

Pixelmon Structures page contains a list of all the Structures added by Pixelmon Generations.

Many Structures are inspired by Original Games/Anime places re-adapted in a Minecrafty-style to fit better in the game; others are Original creations made ad-hoc to reward the Trainer!

Pixelmon Structures are divided in three types: Towns, Gyms and Stand-alone.

While Town Structures and Gyms always depend on Towns, the mod uses Biomes Types to categorize Stand-alone Stuctures spawn locations, to let them spawn in a wider range of biomes.

Ultra Space Structures are Stand-alone structures that can only spawn in Ultra Space.

Many Pixelmon Structures have a Shrine in them, used to summon a Legendary Pokémon, the summoning condition will change depending on the Shrine.
In some Structures is also possible to find Loot Chests, as well as Pokéloots and Spawners.

Note: Not all Pixelmon Structures are Seed-based, so two worlds with the same Seed won't necessarily have the same Structures in the same places.


Name ID Spawn Locations
32px Pokémon Center towncenter1 Towns
32px Pokémon Mart townmart1 Towns
32px Poké Stop pokestop Towns

Gyms Grid Gym Sign.png

A Gym is a different type of Structure that has a chance to spawn near Towns.
Each Gym specializes on one (or more rarely on two) Types and is the only way to obtain Badges.

The first 4 Gyms spawned in every world will follow the Level progression below:
Gym Level
1st 15
2nd 25
3rd 35
4th 50

From the 5th Gym onwards, all the NPC Trainers will be set to Equal level.

Name Type ID Spawn Locations
Construction Site Gym Banner Steel Type.png steelgym Near Towns
Feather Gym Banner Flying Type.png flyinggym Near Towns
Inferno Gym Banner Fire Type.png firegym Near Towns
Ivy Gym Banner Grass Type.png grassgym Near Towns
Mystic Gym Banner Psychic Type.png psychicgym Near Towns
Rock Gym Banner Rock Type.png rockgym Near Towns
Sandstone Cavern Resort Gym Banner Ground Type.png groundgym Near Towns
Snowflake Gym Banner Ice Type.png icegym Near Towns
Swimmer's Stronghold Gym Banner Water Type.png watergym Near Towns
Voltage Gym Banner Electric Type.png electricgym Near Towns
Wooden Greenhouse Gym Banner Grass Type.png Banner Bug Type.png grassbuggym Near Towns


Name ID Spawn Locations
Grid Abundant Shrine.png Abundant Garden abundant_garden All Forests, Flowery, Plains, Savannas
Grid Registeel Shrine.png Ancient Tomb registeel_shrine All Forests, Hills, Mesas, Mountainous, Plains, Savannas
Grid Rainbow Wing.png Brass Tower brass_tower Plains, Savannas
Grid Celestial Altar.png Celestial Altar celestialshrine All Forests, Cold Forests, Dead, Dry, Hills, Mountainous, Mystical, Plains, Redwoods, Savannas
Desert desert Dry
Grid Regirock Shrine.png Desert Ruins regirock_shrine All Forests, Dry, Mesas, Plains, Savannas
Grid Tao Trio Shrine.png Dragonspiral Tower dragonspiral_tower All Forests, Dead, Dry, Hills, Mountainous, Plains, Savannas
Grid Moltres Shrine.png Fiery Shrine fire_shrine Dry
Grid Articuno Shrine.png Frozen Shrine ice_shrine Cold
Fungus fungus Dead, Flowery, Hills, Jungles, Mystical
Grid Groudon Shrine.png Groudon Shrine groudon_shrine Dry
Grid Grotto Spawner.png Hidden Grotto All Forests
Grid Darkrai Altar.png Haunted Mansion haunted_mansion All Forests, Dead, Dry, Mystical, Plains, Savannas, Taigas
Haunted Tower hauntedtower Dead, Hills, Mystical
Grid Regice Shrine.png Island Cave regice_shrine Cold, Cold Forests, Cold Mountains
Jungle Pass junglepass All Forests, Dead, Hills, Jungles, Mystical, Plains, Savannas
Grid Kyogre Shrine.png Kyogre Shrine kyogre_shrine Deep Ocean
Grid Lugia Shrine.png Lugia Shrine lugia_shrine Cold, Cold Forests, Cold Mountains
32px Pokémon Center poke_center All Forests, Plains, Savannas
32px Pokémon Mart poke_mart All Forests, Plains, Savannas
32px Regidrago Shrine regidrago_shrine All Forests, Dry, Mesas, Plains, Savannas
32px Regieleki Shrine regieleki_shrine All Forests, Dry, Mesas, Plains, Savannas
Sand Fort sand_fort Beaches
Grid Timespace Altar.png Spear Pillar spearpillar All Forests, Cold Mountains, Dead, Dry, Hills, Mountainous, Mountainous Forests, Mystical, Plains, Savannas
Grid Zapdos Shrine.png Static Shrine lightning_shrine Dead, Dry, Hills, Mystical, Savannas
Sky Tower sky_tower All Forests, Dead, Flowery, Hills, Mystical, Plains, Savannas
Swamp Tree swamp_tree All Forests, Dead, Hills, Mystical, Plains, Savannas, Swamps
Temple Trap templetrap All Forests, Dead, Forests, Hills, Mystical, Plains, Savannas
Grid Tapu Shrine.png Totem Shrine tapu_shrine All Forests, Flowery, Hills, Jungles, Mystical, Plains, Savannas

Ultra Space

Name ID Spawn Locations
Big Cry bigcry Ultra Desert
Crystal 1 crystal1 Ultra Desert
Crystal 2 crystal2 Ultra Desert
Crystal Tower crystaltower Ultra Desert
Electric Tower electrictower Ultra Plant
Purple Tree purpletree Ultra Forest
Ruins Spike ruinsspike Ultra Ruin
Sea 1 sea1 Ultra Deep Sea
Sea 2 sea2 Ultra Deep Sea
Sea 3 sea3 Ultra Deep Sea
Ultra Haunted Tower ultrahauntedtower Ultra Swamp
Ultra Ruins ultraruins Ultra Ruin

Config settings


  • "spawnStructures": Sets whether the random generation of Pixelmon Structures is allowed. (default= true)
  • "spawnBirdShrines": Sets whether the random generations of Legendary Birds Shrines is allowed. (default= true)
  • "spawnPokeMarts": Sets whether Poké Marts are allowed to spawn in Towns. (default= true)
  • "spawnGyms": Sets whether (true) or not (false) Gyms are allowed to spawn. (default= true)
  • "gymChance": Sets how likely a Gym will try to spawn next to a Town. Can be any rational number between 0 and 1 (setting it to 1 does not guarantee a Gym to spawn every Town). (default= 0.125 (= 12.5%))
  • "useExternalJSONFilesStructures": If set on "true", creates a "/structures" external folder in the path: <minecraft directory>/pixelmon/, allowing the user to modify Structures informations.