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GUI Information
In the player's Inventory it is possible to select what item a Pokémon will hold.

To give or get back an item to hold to a Pokémon, drag and drop it into the Pokémon's Held Item slot (as shown in the image below), located in the Party Interface at the left of your inventory.
It is also possible to give and replace an held item by using (right-click) the item on the Pokémon while it is outside of its Ball.

Note: Not all items are compatible with all Pokémon (i.e.: Giving an Aloraichium Z to a Pokémon that's not Alolan Raichu will make it reject the Z-Crystal)

File:GensGuide-Held Item.png
Pokémon held item in the Summary UI highlighted in blue.

Grid64 Choice Band.png Grid64 Pikashuniumz.png Grid64 Abomasite.png Grid64 Bug Gem.png Grid64 Pixie Plate.png Grid64 Bug Memory Drive.png Grid64 Burn Drive.png
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