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The Tao trio in the anime.

A Legendary Group is a group of closely related Legendary or Mythical Pokémon.

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Legendaries in the same Group often possess similar Summoning mechanics, requiring either the same shrine or summoning items connected by the same lore.
To make an example, all the Legendary birds require the player to recharge an exausted treasure to be invoked.

Some groups have also a more iconic Pokémon, known as Master, that is often not considered as part of the group. The Master summoning mechanic is always different from the members, but still connected in some way.

Many legends are not part of a group, so do not appear in this list. It is still possible for them to be connected in one way or another to the legendaries listed here.

Legendary Birds

The Legendary birds, also known as winged mirages or legendary wings, is a group of Legendary Pokémon said to affect the weather of the world based on their moods.
The flaps of their wings are the source and cradle of all oceans, meaning they are closely bound to the guardian of the seas, Lugia. When the birds fight over territory, Lugia is the only Pokémon that can quell their ceaseless fighting.
They all seem to be connected to some spherical treasures, special items that resonate when in contact with a certain material, calling upon the legendary.

Legendary Birds
Group Master
Icon 249 Normal.png
Trio of Kanto
Icon 144 Normal.png
Icon 145 Normal.png
Icon 146 Normal.png
Trio of Galar
Galarian Articuno
Galarian Zapdos
Galarian Moltres

Mew Duo

The Mew duo is a pair of Legendary Pokémon considered the epitome of stability and instability.
They are known to share the same DNA, being one the clone of the other. It is in fact impossible to encounter a wild Mewtwo, it can only be generated through genetic engineering.

Mew Duo
Icon 150 Normal.png
Icon 151 Normal.png

Legendary Beasts

The Legendary beasts is a group of Legendary Pokémon that were once ordinary dogs.
It is said they found themselves trapped inside a burning tower, dying engulfed by the flames. Ho-Oh, taking pity on them, brought the nameless Pokémon back to life, giving birth to the Legend.
After roaming the land for centuries they returned to the burnt tower and sealed themselves into a stone chrysalis, waiting for their long lost Master return.

Legendary Beasts
Trio Master
Icon 250 Normal.png
Trio Members
Icon 243 Normal.png
Icon 244 Normal.png
Icon 245 Normal.png

Tower Duo

The Tower duo is a pair of Legendary Pokémon often considered as polar opposites.
The guardian of the seas and the guardian of the skies are known to be each master of its own trio. Legends connect them with a majestic ten-story tower. When the tower burned down both legendaries fled, Lugia went to the bottom of the sea and fell in a deep slumber while Ho-Oh still flies through the world's skies in search of a Trainer with a pure heart.

Tower Duo
Icon 249 Normal.png
Icon 250 Normal.png

Legendary Titans

The Legendary titans, also known as legendary giants, regi or legendary golems, is a group of Legendary Pokémon created from inanimated objects.
They were shaped by their Master, Regigigas, in its own image. These legends, deemed too powerful to be tamed, were once sealed away in a certain temple. Solving an ancient riddle seems to be the only way to free them from their prison.

Legendary Titans
Titan Master
Icon 486 Normal.png
Titan Members
Icon 377 Normal.png
Icon 378 Normal.png
Icon 379 Normal.png
Icon 894 Normal.png
Icon 895 Normal.png

Eon Duo

The Eon duo, also known as Lati@s, is a pair of Legendary Pokémon that appear in the skies of the Hoenn region. Unlike many other legendary groups, Latios and Latias each have genders, and they share the same types and abilities.
They can be often spotted together, speeding through the sky in the constant search of a peculiar stone.

Eon Duo
Icon 380 Normal.png
Icon 381 Normal.png

Weather Trio

The Weather trio, also known as super-ancient pokémon, is a group of Legendary Pokémon that rules over the weather.
Each of them has dominion on a different elemental sphere, Kyogre over the hydrosphere, Groudon over the lithosphere, and Rayquaza over the atmosphere.
It is not rare to find Groudon and Kyogre fight for prevalence, generating terrible cataclysms as they battle each other. Only their Master, Rayquaza, is capable of quelling a confrontation between the two angered Pokémon.

Weather Trio
Icon 382 Normal.png
Icon 383 Normal.png
Icon 384 Normal.png

Lake Guardians

The Lake guardians, also known as lake trio, is a group of Legendary Pokémon meant to represent knowledge, emotion, and willpower.
They were generated by Arceus, their Master, and given the unique power to calm and control the enraged Dialga, Palkia and Giratina.
Traces of their crystallized power can be found in almost every water pond.

Lake Guardians
Trio Master
Icon 493 Normal.png
Trio Members
Icon 480 Normal.png
Icon 481 Normal.png
Icon 482 Normal.png

Creation Trio

The Creation trio, also known as deity trio or dragon trio, is a group of Legendary Pokémon that is responsible for keeping the balance in the universe.
They were generated by Arceus, their Master, when the universe began and were given control over the three dimensions: space, time and antimatter.
It is said they are able to open space time rifts, but it is unclear whether anyone has really witnessed such power.

Creation Trio
Trio Master
Icon 493 Normal.png
Trio Members
Icon 483 Normal.png
Icon 484 Normal.png
Icon 487 Normal.png

Lunar Duo

The Lunar duo, also known as subconscious duo, is a pair of Legendary Pokémon often considered as polar opposites.
They are said to only come out at specific moon phases, altering people dreams to accumulate power. Darkrai is well known for casting terrible nightmares on people and nourish on their fears, when that happens Cresselia arrives to replace them with pleasant dreams.

Lunar Duo
Icon 488 Normal.png
Icon 491 Normal.png

Sea Guardians

The Sea guardians is a pair of Legendary Pokémon that is responsible to keep peace in the seas.
It is not clear what is the relationship between these two species, but they are well known to be the only legendaries capable of breeding. Both these peculiar Pokémon can be found as eggs and hatched.

Sea Guardians
Icon 489 Normal.png
Icon 490 Normal.png

Swords of Justice

The Swords of Justice, also known as legendary musketeers, is a group of Legendary Pokémon based on the French novel The Three Musketeers.
They became renowned after challenging humans in order to protect other Pokémon from losing their homes. The musketeers were once a trio, but became a quartet after they adopted Keldeo.
Their current location is unknown, but legends narrate that if a valiant challenger were to show up they would return and grant them a match.

Swords of Justice
Icon 638 Normal.png
Icon 639 Normal.png
Icon 640 Normal.png
Icon 647 Normal.png

Forces of Nature

The Forces of Nature, also known as kami quartet, cloud quartet or legendary genies, is a group of Legendary Pokémon revered for bringing fertility and prosperity to the land.
In the past the Cyclone and Bolt Strike Pokémon did nothing but fight each other, wreaking massive destruction across the land with their ferocious gales and fierce thunderstorms. The wrath of Landorus put an end to their recklessness, stopping the cataclysms.

Forces of Nature
Icon 641 Normal.png
Icon 642 Normal.png
Icon 645 Normal.png

Tao Trio

The Tao trio, also known as tao dragon trio or energy trio, is a group of Legendary Pokémon meant to represent the balance of the world.
Reshiram represents the concept of yang, Zekrom represents the concept of yin, and Kyurem represents the concept of wuji (the absence of yin and yang). Legends narrate that once the yin and yang Pokémon were a single powerful Dragon that, after a certain event, split into two incompatible sides; the transformation generated a shapeless leftover that soon after took the form of a third incomplete dragon, Kyurem. They disappeared after centuries of fights, returning to their primordial sleeping state.
It is said the trio can be revived by soaking their primordial stone into a certain healing pool.

Tao Trio
Icon 643 Normal.png
Icon 644 Normal.png
Icon 646 Normal.png

Aura Trio

The Aura trio, also known as yggdrasil trio or axis trio, is a group of Legendary Pokémon that controls the life balance in the world.
Xerneas bestows eternal life, Yveltal steals all of the life energy around him, and Zygarde monitors the natural order of things, attacking whoever tries to disrupt it. They are the only legendaries characterized with a life cycle, transforming into a tree and a cocoon at the end of their lives, sleeping for 1000 years.

Aura Trio
Icon 716 Normal.png
Icon 717 Normal.png
Icon 718 Normal.png

Guardian Deities

The Guardian deities, also known as tapu, sacred guardians or land spirits, is a group of Legendary Pokémon who protect the islands where they live.
After waging war at each other, they isolated themselves from the humans, hiding in a decayed temple. Many have visited it looking for the lost deities, without much success.

Guardian Deities
Icon 785 Normal.png
Tapu Koko
Icon 786 Normal.png
Tapu Lele
Icon 787 Normal.png
Tapu Bulu
Icon 788 Normal.png
Tapu Fini

Light Trio

The Light trio is a group of Legendary Pokémon originary of another dimesion.
Solgaleo and Lunala are known as emissary of the sun and moon, respectively; they dispense light at will, bringing peace to the land. Necrozma is instead renowned as "Pillager of Light", constantly aiming to steal all light in the world; the ancient "Blinding One", now incomplete, seeks out the light of the other two in order to regain its true form.
They all possess the power to open Ultra Wormholes, creating a direct connection to the Ultra Space dimension.

Light Trio
Icon 791 Normal.png
Icon 792 Normal.png
Icon 800 Normal.png

Hero Duo

The Hero duo is a pair of Legendary Pokémon believed to be the heroes that worked alongside a certain king to stop the the rampage of Eternatus.
They were then forgotten and disappeared from this world. Legends narrate that if a certain someone entered in possess of one of their ancient relics, they would reappear to get the rusted weapon back, challenging them to a duel.

Hero Duo
Icon 888 Normal.png
Icon 889 Normal.png