Machine Blocks

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Item Information
Grid64 Trade Machine.png Machines are Furniture Blocks that have a central role in your Pixelmon journey.

They are often considered an enhanced version of the Utility Blocks.

Machines are used for many different activities, from reviving Fossils to hatching or even summoning Legends!

Available Machines
Grid64 Cloning Machine.png

Cloning Machine

Powerful invention capable of generating Mew clones.

Egg Incubator

Helpful machine that hatches Pokémon Eggs for you.
Grid64 Fossil Cleaner.png

Fossil Cleaner

A machine needed to clean your Covered Fossils.
Grid64 Fossil Machine.png

Fossil Machine

A machine capable of bringing history back to life.
Grid64 Healer.png


Can be used to fully heal your Pokémon team.
Grid64 Pc.png


The most essential machine for every Trainer. Can be used to store your Pokémon.
Grid64 Trade Machine.png

Trade Machine

Useful machine that can be used to trade your Pokémon with other trainers.
Grid64 Red Vending Machine.png

Vending Machine

Can be interacted with to buy some cheap drinks.
Grid64 Zygarde Machine.png

Zygarde Machine

Unique machine capable of merging and separating the Zygarde Cells.
  • Grid Fossil Display.png Utility Blocks are also furnitures that play a central role in your adventure.


  • In the past there were two machines used respectively for Breeding and Pokéball crafting, the Ranch Block and Mechanical Anvil; but where removed with 1.19 update.