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A Pokémon with a Mark. Mark section in the Summary UI highlighted in blue.

A Mark is a special marking that a Pokémon can obtain when caught. It is diplayed in the Pokémon Summary (as shown on the right).

Obtaining a Mark grants a particular title to the Pokémon, that is shown when it is sent out in battle.
Each Pokémon can only get one Mark, chosen on the moment they are caught; with the only exception of the Curry Mark, Marks cannot be gained or passed on in any other way.

A Pokémon hatched from an Egg has no chances to obtain a Mark.

How do Marks work?

When a Pokémon is encountered in the wild, the game checks whether to apply a mark to it, using the following rates in the following order:

Mark Chance Chance
with Mark Charm
Rare Mark 11000 31000
Rowdy - Slump Mark group (28) 1100 3100
Uncommon Mark 150 350
A weather-based mark (8) 150 350
A time-based mark (4) 150 350
Fishing Mark 125 325

So, once caught, a Pokémon will, in order:

  1. Roll for a chance to obtain the Rare Mark.
  2. Roll for a chance to obtain one of the 28 Rowdy - Slump Marks.
  3. Roll for a chance to obtain the Uncommon Mark.
  4. Roll for a chance to obtain one of the 8 Weather-based Marks. (only if the weather is not Clear)
  5. Roll for a chance to obtain one of the 4 Time-based Marks.
  6. Roll for a chance to obtain the Fishing Mark. (only if the Pokémon was caught by Fishing)

If the player has the Mark Charm in their inventory, wild Pokémon have triple chance to obtain a Mark.

Once a Mark has been selected, the Pokémon will have no chance to roll for the successive Marks
(i.e.: If the roll for the Uncommon Mark is successful, the Pokémon will gain the Uncommon Mark and will not roll for the Weather-based Marks, Time-based Marks and Fishing Mark).

List of Marks

# Image Name Title Description Conditions Probability
Lunchtime Mark.png
Lunchtime Mark the Peckish A mark for a peckish Pokémon. During the day-time 150
Sleepy-Time Mark.png
Sleepy-Time Mark the Sleepy A mark for a sleepy Pokémon. During the night-time 150
Dusk Mark.png
Dusk Mark the Dozy A mark for a dozy Pokémon. During the dusk-time 150
Dawn Mark.png
Dawn Mark the Early Riser A mark for an early-riser Pokémon. During the dawn-time 150
Cloudy Mark.png
Cloudy Mark the Cloud Watcher A mark for a cloud-watching Pokémon. none 150
Rainy Mark.png
Rainy Mark the Sodden A mark for a sodden Pokémon. none 150
Stormy Mark.png
Stormy Mark the Thunderstruck A mark for a thunderstruck Pokémon. none 150
Snowy Mark.png
Snowy Mark the Snow Frolicker A mark for a snow-frolicking Pokémon. none 150
Blizzard Mark.png
Blizzard Mark the Shivering A mark for a shivering Pokémon. none 150
Dry Mark.png
Dry Mark the Parched A mark for a parched Pokémon. none 150
Sandstorm Mark.png
Sandstorm Mark the Sandswept A mark for a sandswept Pokémon. none 150
Misty Mark.png
Misty Mark the Mist Drifter A mark for a mist-drifter Pokémon. none 150
Destiny Mark.png
Destiny Mark the Chosen One A mark of a chosen Pokémon. Unknown 0
Fishing Mark.png
Fishing Mark the Catch of the Day A mark for a catch-of-the-day Pokémon. While Fishing 125
Curry Mark.png
Curry Mark the Curry Connoisseur A mark for a curry-connoisseur Pokémon. none 1
Uncommon Mark.png
Uncommon Mark the Sociable A mark for a sociable Pokémon. none 150
Rare Mark.png
Rare Mark the Recluse A mark for a reclusive Pokémon. none 11000
Rowdy Mark.png
Rowdy Mark the Rowdy A mark for a rowdy Pokémon. none (128) ⁄100
Absent-Minded Mark.png
Absent-Minded Mark the Spacey A mark for a spacey Pokémon. none (128) ⁄100
Jittery Mark.png
Jittery Mark the Anxious A mark for an anxious Pokémon. none (128) ⁄100
Excited Mark.png
Excited Mark the Giddy A mark for a giddy Pokémon. none (128) ⁄100
Charismatic Mark.png
Charismatic Mark the Radiant A mark for a radiant Pokémon. none (128) ⁄100
Calmness Mark.png
Calmness Mark the Serene A mark for a serene Pokémon. none (128) ⁄100
Intense Mark.png
Intense Mark the Feisty A mark for a feisty Pokémon. none (128) ⁄100
Zoned-Out Mark.png
Zoned-Out Mark the Daydreamer A mark for a daydreaming Pokémon. none (128) ⁄100
Joyful Mark.png
Joyful Mark the Joyful A mark for a joyful Pokémon. none (128) ⁄100
Angry Mark.png
Angry Mark the Furious A mark for a furious Pokémon. none (128) ⁄100
Smiley Mark.png
Smiley Mark the Beaming A mark for a beaming Pokémon. none (128) ⁄100
Teary Mark.png
Teary Mark the Teary-Eyed A mark for a teary-eyed Pokémon. none (128) ⁄100
Upbeat Mark.png
Upbeat Mark the Chipper A mark for a chipper Pokémon. none (128) ⁄100
Peeved Mark.png
Peeved Mark the Grumpy A mark for a grumpy Pokémon. none (128) ⁄100
Intellectual Mark.png
Intellectual Mark the Scholar A mark for a scholarly Pokémon. none (128) ⁄100
Ferocious Mark.png
Ferocious Mark the Rampaging A mark for a rampaging Pokémon. none (128) ⁄100
Crafty Mark.png
Crafty Mark the Opportunist A mark for an opportunistic Pokémon. none (128) ⁄100
Scowling Mark.png
Scowling Mark the Stern A mark for a stern Pokémon. none (128) ⁄100
Kindly Mark.png
Kindly Mark the Kindhearted A mark for a kindhearted Pokémon. none (128) ⁄100
Flustered Mark.png
Flustered Mark the Easily Flustered A mark for an easily flustered Pokémon. none (128) ⁄100
Pumped-Up Mark.png
Pumped-Up Mark the Driven A mark for a driven Pokémon. none (128) ⁄100
Zero Energy Mark.png
Zero Energy Mark the Apathetic A mark for an apathetic Pokémon. none (128) ⁄100
Prideful Mark.png
Prideful Mark the Arrogant A mark for an arrogant Pokémon. none (128) ⁄100
Unsure Mark.png
Unsure Mark the Reluctant A mark for an unsure Pokémon. none (128) ⁄100
Humble Mark.png
Humble Mark the Humble A mark for a humble Pokémon. none (128) ⁄100
Thorny Mark.png
Thorny Mark the Pompous A mark for a pompous Pokémon. none (128) ⁄100
Vigor Mark.png
Vigor Mark the Lively A mark for a lively Pokémon. none (128) ⁄100
Slump Mark.png
Slump Mark the Worn-Out A mark for a worn-out Pokémon. none (128) ⁄100

Config settings


  • "markCharmMaxChance": Sets the 1/x chance of Mark Charm dropping from successful Mark capture. (default= 500)