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Item Information
Grid64 Charizardite X.png A Mega Stone is a type of held item that can be held by a compatible Pokémon to unlock the Mega Evolution process.

Only a Trainer who has a Mega Bracelet equipped will be able to Mega Evolve a Pokémon.
Click on the Bundle in the bottom-left of your inventory to equip it.

Each Mega Evolution requires a different Mega Stone to be used.
A Mega Stone can be obtained by finding and defeating a Mega Evolved Boss Pokemon, who will have a chance to drop its corresponding Mega Stone upon defeat.
The first time a Mega Evolved Boss Pokemon will be defeated, it will have 100% chance to drop its corresponding Mega Stone; otherwise, it will have a 1/40 chance of being dropped.

A Pokémon can only Mega Evolve if it is holding its corresponding Mega Stone and if the Trainer is wearing a Mega Bracelet.
A Pokémon can also be Mega Evolved outside battle by using the External Move Mega Evolution (Throw your Pokémon out of the Ball (R key), press B to change External Move and, once selected "Mega Evolution", press G to Mega Evolve!).

In battle, a Mega Stone is not affected by moves that remove held items or held item effects, such as Trick, Knock Off, Embargo, and Magic Room.

Available Megastones
Grid64 Abomasite.png Grid64 Absolite.png Grid64 Aerodactylite.png Grid64 Aggronite.png Grid64 Alakazite.png Grid64 Altarianite.png Grid64 Ampharosite.png Grid64 Audinite.png Grid64 Banettite.png Grid64 Beedrillite.png
Abomasite Absolite Aerodactylite Aggronite Alakazite Altarianite Ampharosite Audinite Banettite Beedrillite
Grid64 Blastoisinite.png Grid64 Blazikenite.png Grid64 Cameruptite.png Grid64 Charizardite X.png Grid64 Charizardite Y.png Grid64 Diancite.png Grid64 Galladite.png Grid64 Garchompite.png Grid64 Gardevoirite.png Grid64 Gengarite.png
Blastoisinite Blazikenite Cameruptite Charizardite X Charizardite Y Diancite Galladite Garchompite Gardevoirite Gengarite
Grid64 Glalitite.png Grid64 Gyaradosite.png Grid64 Heracronite.png Grid64 Houndoominite.png Grid64 Kangaskhanite.png Grid64 Latiasite.png Grid64 Latiosite.png Grid64 Lopunnite.png Grid64 Lucarionite.png Grid64 Manectite.png
Glalitite Gyaradosite Heracronite Houndoominite Kangaskhanite Latiasite Latiosite Lopunnite Lucarionite Manectite
Grid64 Mawilite.png Grid64 Medichamite.png Grid64 Metagrossite.png Grid64 Mewtwonite X.png Grid64 Mewtwonite Y.png Grid64 Pidgeotite.png Grid64 Pinsirite.png Grid64 Sablenite.png Grid64 Salamencite.png Grid64 Sceptilite.png
Mawilite Medichamite Metagrossite Mewtwonite X Mewtwonite Y Pidgeotite Pinsirite Sablenite Salamencite Sceptilite
Grid64 Scizorite.png Grid64 Sharpedonite.png Grid64 Slowbronite.png Grid64 Steelixite.png Grid64 Swampertite.png Grid64 Tyranitarite.png Grid64 Venusaurite.png Grid64 Blank.png Grid64 Blank.png Grid64 Blank.png
Scizorite Sharpedonite Slowbronite Steelixite Swampertite Tyranitarite Venusaurite Blank Blank Blank