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The Move Relearner NPC is a special type of NPC that allows a Pokémon to learn moves from their level-up movepools, asking no fee in exchange by default.

Spawn Locations


Interacting with a Move Relearner NPC (right-click) allows the player to select a Pokémon from their Party, and teach it moves from its level-up movepool that were forgotten previously.

Egg moves that were bred onto a Pokémon and subsequently forgotten can also be relearned.

The Move Relearner GUI is pretty easy to undestand. It is composed by:

- A Choose a Move menu, that lets you select what move to remember.
- A Move informations box, that lets you check informations about the move you are hovering on, as well as a short description.
- A Cancel button, that closes the interface (alternative to Esc key).

Left-click a move to select it and open the Pokémon Learn menu.

The Move Relearner requires no payment by default, but, if desired, can be setted to require it, as explained in the section below.
If a payment has been setted, interacting with the Relearner will initially bring up a message stating what payment is required. To satisfy the request, the player will have to interact with the Relearner while holding the right item. The payment will be deducted from the player's inventory only after a move is successfully remembered.


Customization Information
Grid64 Npc Editor.png Move Relearners can be spawned and edited with an NPC Editor, a Creative-only Item.

As mentioned above, it is possible to customize a Move Relearner to require payment each time his services are used.

  • In Creative-mode, a Relearner has 4 different interactions depending on the item held by the player:
  • Using (right-click) an Npc Editor allows the player to use the NPC's services just like a player in Survival or Adventure-mode would be able to.
  • Using (right-click) any other item will set the Relearner's cost to that item.
- If the Relearner already requires this item as payment, the payment cost will be incremented by one. This can go up to the item's maximum stack size.
  • Right-clicking the NPC with no items in your hand decrements the payment cost by one, until it returns free.
  • Hitting (left-click) the NPC with an Npc Editor deletes it.