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The Move Tutor is a type of NPC that allows a Pokémon to learn moves from their Move Tutor movepools, asking a fee in exchange (1-3 Heart Scales by default).

Spawn Locations


Interacting with a Move Tutor (right-click) allows the player to select a Pokémon from their Party and teach it moves from its Move Tutor movepool.
Each naturally spawning Move Tutor offers to teach 10 random moves chosen from the list of tutor moves below.

As for TMs/TRs, not all Pokémon are compatible with every move, so they will only be able to learn moves from their Move Tutor movepool.

Move Tutors are also able to randomly select moves from the Event Move Tutor movepool. These moves are moves that are normally exclusive to special events in the original Pokémon games.
The payment required will be the same as normal Moves (1-3 Heart Scales).

The Move Tutor GUI is pretty easy to undestand. It is composed by:

- A Choose a Move menu, that lets you select what move to teach.
- A Move informations box, that lets you check informations about the move you are hovering on, as well as a short description.
- A Cancel button, that closes the interface (alternative to Esc key).

Left-click a move to select it and open the Pokémon Learn menu.

The payment will be deducted from the player's inventory only after a move is successfully teached.

List of Moves

Move Tutor
Move Type Category Power Accuracy PP
After You Banner Normal Type.png Status 0 -% 15
Event Move Tutor
Move Type Category Power Accuracy PP
Absorb Banner Grass Type.png Special 20 100% 25


Customization Information
Grid64 Npc Editor.png Move Tutors can be spawned and edited with an NPC Editor, a Creative-only Item.

With an NPC Editor, it is possible to select any of the existing moves for the Tutor to offer. However, if not normally taught by Tutors, the move will only be compatible with Pokémon that already are able to learn the moves from other sources (Breeding, TMs/TRs, Level-up, etc.).

Opposite to natural spawning Tutors, that always have 10 moves to teach; customized Move Tutors can teach as many moves as the player desires.

  • Using (right-click) a Trainer Editor on a summoned Move Tutor opens the 2nd Layer of editing, allowing you to use:
- The empty field at the top lets you select what move to add to the Tutor by its name (click on the Add Move button to add the move).
- The Add Move button lets you add a new move to the Choose a Move list, when written in the empty field above it.
- The Choose a Move list lets you check and interact (left-click) with each of the Tutor's moves. Left-clicking a move opens a new menu on the right:
- The Delete Move button lets you delete the selected move from the Choose a Move list.
- The Cost: list lets you check what item and in what quantity is requested to let your Pokémon learn that move. The X under the item deletes it.
If no item is specified, the move will be taught for free.
- The Item field lets you select the item requested by the Move Tutor to teach the selected move. Can be specified by either its name or ID.
If more than one item is added to the Cost: list, both will be requested for the Pokémon to learn that move.
- The Amount field lets you select how many unities of the selected Item are needed for the selected move.
If not specified 1 unity is selected.
- The Damage field lets you select how damaged an item needs to be for the Tutor to accept it. In case the selected item does not possess a durability indicator, ignore this field.
- The Add Cost button adds to Cost: list the specified Amount of specified Item, at the specified Damage.
- The Model menu lets you select the Tutor's skin category.
- The Texture menu lets you select the Tutor's skin from the selected category.
- The Delete Tutor button lets you delete the Move Tutor.
- The Ok button closes the interface (alternative to Esc key).
- The Import/Export button opens a text interface that lets you import/export a Move Tutor in an easy text format.


Move Tutors share the skin pool with NPC Trainers.
Refer here for a full list.

Config settings


  • "allowEventMoveTutors": Sets whether or not move tutors that teach Event moves can spawn or not. (default= true)
  • "useExternalJSONFilesNPCs": If set on "true", creates a "/npcs" external folder in the path: <minecraft directory>/pixelmon/, allowing the user to modify NPC informations.