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GUI Information
A PC can be interacted with a right-click, opening its GUI. Any type of PC shares the same interface and informations, being different only in the aesthetics.

PC sections highlighted in red. Refer to the table below for a description.
Additional Information
PC Interface Guide:


  • A - Your Party list - Check and select (left-click) the Pokémon in your Party. Right-click the Pokémon to access the PokéChecker menu.
    It is possible to drag them to a PC Box, in another slot of your Party, or free them on the Trash Can icon.
    Up to 6 Pokémon can be stored in your Party. It is not possible to deposit a Pokémon in the PC if it is the last member of your Team.
  • B - Back button - Closes the interface (alternative to Esc key).
  • C - Background Selector button - Opens a menu that lets you select the current Box Background.
  • D - Trash Can button - Drag a selected Pokémon (left-click) to the icon and left-click again to release it. (You will be promped with a Confirm interface to avoid misclicks)
  • E - Navigation Arrows button - Navigate between all your PC Boxes (30 Boxes by default).
  • F - Box Name button - Click to Rename the currently selected box.
  • G - PC Box list - Check and Select (left-click) the Pokémon in the currently selected Box. Right-click the Pokémon to access the PokéChecker menu.
    It is possible to drag them to another Box, in your Party, or free them on the Trash Can icon.
    Up to 30 Pokémon can be stored in a single Box.
  • H - Search Bar field - Seach for a Pokémon in your PC by specifying one or more parameters: (all parameters can be stacked)
- Pokémon Specie
- Shiny:[false]
- Special:<true|false>
- Level:<integer>
- Gender:<male|female|none>
- Type:<type ID>
- Ability:<ability|hidden>
- Nature:<nature>
- Pokeball:
- Ivs:<min|max>
- Gmax:<true|false>
- Legendary:<true|false>


Since Pixelmon 8.5.0 it is possible to customize every PC box by clicking the Background Selector button. All backgrounds designs and obtainment methods can be customized by the user, if desired.
As for the main iterface, it is possible to navigate between Box Backgrounds by clicking on the Navigation Arrows (E).

Here's a list of all the Backgrounds available by default and their unlocking methods:
  • Forest - Unlocked by default
  • Great Outdoors - Feed your Pokémon Curry
  • Lavender Dreams - Find a Lavender Fields biome (20% chance)
  • Mountain Railway - Find a Mountainous biome (20% chance)
  • Mystic Library - Interact with an Enchantment Table
  • Ocean Waves - Find a Ocean biome (20% chance)
  • Red Desert - Find a Mesa biome (20% chance)
  • Ruby - Craft a Ruby Block
  • Sapphire - Craft a Sapphire Block
  • Snow Peaks - Find a Cold Mountain biome (20% chance)
  • 21 - No obtainment yet
  • 22 - No obtainment yet
  • Aegislash - Catch an Aegislash
  • Amethyst - Craft an Amethyst Block
  • Aqua Adventure - Find a Ocean biome (20% chance)
  • Arceus - Catch Arceus
  • Chess - Catch both Zacian and Zamazenta
  • Cloudy Nights - Catch a Pokémon with the Sleepy-Time Mark
  • Crystal Caverns - Mine a Crystal Ore
  • Dark Brick - Unlocked by default
  • Dark Plaid - Unlocked by default
  • Dark Stripes - Unlocked by default
  • Desert Mine - Find a Desert/Mesa/Volcano (Dry) biome(s) (20% chance)
  • Emerald - Craft an Emerald Block