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The Pixelmon Eco Bridge sidemod allows for the seamless merge of Pixelmon PokéDollars and a Sponge economy plugin's currency into a single currency (e.g. EconomyLite or TotalEconomy). Having the Economy Bridge allows the merged currency to be used anywhere where either of the two currencies could be used. Any applications of PokéDollars, including shopkeepers, NPC Trainer reward money, Pay Day, the /givemoney and /transfer commands, and the PokéDollar indicator in the inventory GUI, will use this combined currency. Commands to give the player money from a Sponge economy plugin will also update the player's PokéDollars balance in their inventory (such as /econ add from ).


Pixelmon Eco Bridge can be installed only on a server of the appropriate type. If you're using a Sponge environment, use the Sponge version. If you're using a Bukkit based environment (such as Spigot), use the Bukkit version.

  1. Download Pixelmon Eco Bridge from the sidemods section of the downloads page for your server environment.
    • For a Sponge environment, use the Sponge version. For a Bukkit based environment (such as Spigot), use the Bukkit version.
  2. Drop/move the downloaded jar file into either the mods folder or plugins folder on the server's files.
    • For a Sponge environment, use the mods folder. For a Bukkit based environment (such as Spigot), use the plugins folder.
  3. Start the server and wait for all mods to load.

Note that when a player joins the server for the first time since the Economy Bridge was installed, the player's existing balances for any Sponge currency and Pixelmon PokéDollars will be combined together. For example, should a player have $500 in Sponge currency and 200 PokéDollars on the server before the installation of Economy Bridge, the player will have $700 of the combined currency after Economy Bridge is installed.

The combined currency used by Economy Bridge is tracked using Sponge currency, so uninstalling Economy Bridge will cause the combined currency to revert back to Sponge currency, leaving players' PokéDollar balances at $0.


There are no commands for Pixelmon Eco Bridge.


There are no permissions for Pixelmon Eco Bridge.

Config Settings

There are no config settings for Pixelmon Eco Bridge.