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The PixelmonPlaceholders sidemod adds


PixelmonPlaceholders can only be installed on a server and does not need to be installed on the client. SpongeForge and PlaceholderAPI are required.


  1. Download PixelmonPlaceholders from the sidemods section of the downloads page.
  2. Drop/move the downloaded jar file into the mods folder on the server's files.
  3. Ensure that SpongeForge and PlaceholderAPI are in the mods folder as well.
    • If you experience constant crashing, try moving the PixelmonPlaceholders sidemod into the \config\plugins\ folder.
  4. Start the server and wait for all mods to load.


There are no commands for PixelmonPlaceholders.


There are no permissions for PixelmonPlaceholders.

Config Settings

The PixelmonPlaceholders pixelmonplaceholders.conf configuration file is located in the \config\ folder of the server.

  • disabledEgg - If disableEggInfo is true, this text will be returned when a placeholder is used on an egg.
  • entityNotFound - Text returned when a placeholder is used on a missing entity.
  • evolutionNotAvailable - Text returned when a placeholder is used on a Pokemon that does not evolve with the specified condition.
  • moveNotAvailable - Text returned when the move specified is not found.
  • none - Text returned when a placeholder returns none or null.
  • disableEggInfo - Disables using Pokemon information placeholders on eggs.
  • maxFractionDigits - The maximum number of digits that are used in decimal values (ex: 2=.##)
  • minFractionDigits - The minimum number of digits that are filled in decimal values (ex: 2=.00)


Pixelmon Information

Placeholder Description
%pixelmon_dexsize% The implemented Pixelmon count.
%pixelmon_dexsizeall% Count of all the Pixelmon, even the unimplemented.

Pokédex Information

Replace <prefix> with %pokedex_*POKEMONNAME* or %pokedex_*DEXENTRY*.
Example: %pokedex_Bulbasaur or %pokedex_1

Placeholder Description
<prefix>_name% The name of the Pokemon.