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Item Information
Grid64 Tree.png Plants (or Trees) are special Decorations that can be placed down or even farmed.

While many Decoration Plants can also be crafted, the Apricorn and Berry Tree can only be found randomly spawned in All Forests biomes.

Grid64 Red Apricorn.png Grid64 Pomeg Berry.png Grid64 Tree.png
Apricorns Berries Decorations

Config settings


  • "allowPlanting": Sets if Apricorns can be planted or not. (default= true)
  • "berryTreeGrowthMultiplier": Sets a multiplier for the speed at which Berry Trees grow (can be between 0.1 and 1000). (default= 1)
  • "maximumPlants": Sets the Max amount of Apricorn Trees and Berry Trees that can be planted in a chunk. (default= 32)