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GUI Information
Pokédollar tab in the Inventory

The Pokémon Dollar (often referred as Money) is the base currency used in Pixelmon Generations.

Its symbol is a Pokédollar.png, a P with a double strikethrough.

The amount of Pokédollars owned is shown in the bottom-left section of your Inventory, being capped (only visually) at 999.999Pokédollar.png for space requirements.

Additional Information
They cannot be found as a physical item and cannot be trasferred without commands, but it is possible to implement them to be used from custom Sidemods.


PokéDollars can be used with:

- Shopkeepers, NPCs that can be found spawned in every Pokémon Mart, they sell Pokéballs and Medicines and other mixed items.
- Vending Machines, Machines that can be interacted with to buy some type of Medicines.


There are many ways to obtain Pokédollars:


  • "/givemoney <player> <amount>": Gives the specified amount of PokéDollars to the specified player. The value may also be negative, to detract money.
  • "/transfer <player> <amount>": Transfers the specified amount of PokéDollars from the command's user to the specified player.

Config settings


  • "amuletCoinMultiplier": Sets the money multiplier while holding an Amulet Coin. (default= 2)
  • "goldRushEnabled": Sets whether the money aspect of G-Max Gold Rush is Enabled (true) or Disabled (false). (default= true)
  • "goldRushSuccessionIncrement": Sets the amout of PokéDollars earned after each use of G-Max Gold Rush (compared to the user's level). (default= 100)
  • "happyHourMultiplier": Sets Happy Hour move money multiplier. (default= 2)
  • "allowPayDayMoney": Sets whether the money aspect of Pay Day is Enabled (true) or Disabled (false). (default= true)
  • "payDayMultiplier": Sets Pay Day move money multiplier (compared to the user's level). (default= 5)