Poké Balls

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Item Information
Grid64 Poke Ball.png A Poké Ball is a special Item that is necessary to catch and store Pokémon.

This item makes use of the odd power all Pokémon possess to shrink themselves down, transforming them in real pocket monsters.
The strength of a Poké Ball is determined by how much it raises a wild Pokémon's catch rate, and may in fact vary depending on the conditions of the battle.
Some Poké Balls will also have a particle effect when thrown (i.e. A Premier Ball will have a red particles trail).

Poké Balls can also be used outside battle. Right-click a Ball while holding it in your hand to throw it!
They can't miss when used in battle, but can miss if used outside battle. They have a chance to break if thrown against blocks!

Some Pokémon, like Eternatus, Bosses, Totems and Ultra Beasts are handled differently by Poké Balls, for more infos refer to their pages.

Most Poké Balls can be bought from Main type Shopkeepers, with the only exception of Cherish Ball, GS Ball, Beast Ball, Dream Ball, Master Ball and Park Ball.

Poké Balls
Grid64 Poke Ball.png Grid64 Great Ball.png Grid64 Ultra Ball.png Grid64 Level Ball.png Grid64 Moon Ball.png Grid64 Friend Ball.png
Poke Ball Great Ball Ultra Ball Level Ball Moon Ball Friend Ball
Grid64 Love Ball.png Grid64 Safari Ball.png Grid64 Heavy Ball.png Grid64 Fast Ball.png Grid64 Repeat Ball.png Grid64 Timer Ball.png
Love Ball Safari Ball Heavy Ball Fast Ball Repeat Ball Timer Ball
Grid64 Nest Ball.png Grid64 Net Ball.png Grid64 Dive Ball.png Grid64 Luxury Ball.png Grid64 Heal Ball.png Grid64 Dusk Ball.png
Nest Ball Net Ball Dive Ball Luxury Ball Heal Ball Dusk Ball
Grid64 Sport Ball.png Grid64 Quick Ball.png Grid64 Lure Ball.png Grid64 Dream Ball.png Grid64 Master Ball.png Grid64 Park Ball.png
Sport Ball Quick Ball Lure Ball Dream Ball Master Ball Park Ball
Grid64 Premier Ball.png Grid64 GS Ball.png Grid64 Cherish Ball.png Grid64 Beast Ball.png Grid64 Blank.png Grid64 Blank.png
Premier Ball GS Ball Cherish Ball Beast Ball