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This article is about the Pokédex GUI. For the Pokédex item refer to Pokédex.

GUI Information
The Pokédex is a digital encyclopedia that collects data on all the Pokémon a Trainer has seen and caught during their adventure.

It is possible to access the Pokédex interface by using the Grid Pokedex.png shortcut (I key) or by right-clicking the Pokédex item.

The Pixelmon Pokédex follows the National Dex numeration and contains a whole bunch of useful data on each Pokémon.
It is also possible to mark a new Pokémon as "Seen" by right-clicking it with the Pokédex item (or using the I key shortcut while pointing at it), registering its most important datas in the Dex.

Pokédex sections highlighted in red. Refer to the table below for a description.
Additional Information
Pokédex Interface Guide:


  • A - Pokémon Obtained - The total number of Pokémon you have caught during your adventure.
  • B - Pokémon Seen - The total number of Pokémon you have seen during your adventure. Seen Pokémon only include:
- the ones you have battled in your journey.
- the ones you registered by right-clicking it with the Pokédex item (or using the I key shortcut while pointing at it).
  • C - Pokémon List - A complete list of all the available Pokémon in Pixelmon. They are divided in groups of 30 and can be scrolled using the mouse wheel.
000 - Unknown Pokémon - You have still to discover this Pokémon.
32px - Seen Pokémon - You have seen, but never caught this Pokémon, the informations gained will be limited.
Grid 001.png - Caught Pokémon - You have caught this Pokémon, collecting every information about their specie.
  • D - Search Bar - Lets you search a Pokémon by their specie's name, restricting the list to all the available matches.
  • E - Page - Shows the current page of the Dex.
Additional Information
Pokémon Page Guide:


  • A - Base Info - The base informations of the currently selected Pokémon:
- Pokédex No. - Shows the Pokémon's Dex number.
- Name - Shows your Pokémon's specie.
- Generation - Shows the Pokémon's Generation.
- Type(s) - Shows your Pokémon's Type(s).
  • B - Spawn Times - The times of the day the Pokémon can spawn in.
  • C - Shiny Preview - If set to On it shows how the shiny version of the Pokémon looks.
  • D - Pokémon Model - The Pokémon in-game model, it rotates on itself.
  • E - About - A short description of the Pokémon,
  • F - Biomes - The full list of Biomes the Pokémon can spawn in.

Config settings


  • "test": Shows the pokémon names above their heads only after they have been registered in the player's Dex.