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A Pokémon Egg is the primal stage of a Pokémon and the main product of Breeding. Every Pokémon, except for Legends and some unique species that cannot breed, comes from an Egg.

In an Egg's Summary screen, instead of the usual Pokémon information, will only be shown a rough indicator of how long the Egg will take before it hatches.
Eggs cannot participate in battle.

Eggs can be claimed from Ranch Blocks as result from a successful Breeding.
Once two Pokémon of the same Egg Group are placed in a Ranch Block and find the Environment suitable for their specie, they will have a chance to generate an Egg; the resulting Egg will be automatically collected by the Ranch Block.

Each Egg takes one of the Trainer's Party/PC slot, requiring an hidden amount of steps to hatch. The number of steps needed for each Pokémon specie are collected in their respective page.
One "step", for Egg hatching, is equivalent to the time it takes to walk the full length of two blocks at normal speed.
It is possible to speed up the Egg hatching process by using a Mount/Saddle Pokémon or having a Pokémon with the Ability Flame Body, Magma Armor or Steam Engine in your Party.

To hatch an Egg, a player can either walk while holding the Egg in a Party slot or use an Egg Incubator, a machine that will hatch the Egg automatically.
After walking for a while, some cracks will appear on the Egg 32px, showing it's almost ready to hatch.
Once ready, the Egg will hatch in a level 1 Pokémon, that is often the base evolutionary form of one of the parents' species.

An Egg will not hatch or become closer to hatching while stored in the PC.

Breeding two Ditto, opposite to the Original Games, generates a random non-Legendary Pokémon Egg.

It is also possible to obtain Eggs from Christmas Gifts.

Other types of Eggs


  • The Pokémon Eggs in your Party slots can be shown on some special type of Cosmetics.


  • "/pokegiveegg <player> <pokémon spec>": Gives the selected player a Pokémon Egg.

Config settings


  • "allowBreeding": Sets if Ranch Blocks can be placed or not, if disabled Eggs cannot be obtained through breeding. (default= true)
  • "allowDittoDittoBreeding": Sets if two Ditto can breed to generate a random Pokémon Egg. (default= true)
  • "allowRandomBreedingEggsToBeLegendary": Sets if the random Eggs generated from Ditto-Ditto breeding can be Legendary or not. (default= false)
  • "allowRandomSpawnedEggsToBeLegendary": Sets if the random Eggs obtained with /pokegiveegg <player> random can be Legendary or not. (default= false)
  • "stepsPerEggCycle": Sets how many steps are needed for each Egg Cycle. (default= 4)