Pokémon Forms

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This page does not contain a list of all the Forms available in Pixelmon Generations, it just serves as a description of what a Form is and how they can be obtained.
For a full list of a specific Pokémon forms, refer to its own page.

What is a Form

A Form is an alternative version of an existing Pokémon species.

This variation does not only apply to the aspect of the creature, but also to its Stats:
A different Form often possesses different Types, Learnset, Base stats, Abilities and Evolutions than their counterparts.

The spawns may also differ between each Form, having each its own unique Biomes, Times, rarities and conditions to be spawned; or even not being able to spawn at all.

How to obtain alternative Forms

Alternative Forms can be obtained:

  • by checking their Biomes and Times in their own respective page:
- (i.e. Corsola spawns during Day - Galarian Corsola spawns during Night)
  • by evolving a Pokémon under certain conditions:
- (i.e. Pikachu evolves into Alolan Raichu when leveled up next to an Ice Rock)
- (i.e. Use a Meteorite on a Deoxys to make it cycle between its 4 formes)
- (i.e. Use an Orb of Martial Souls on a Static Shrine to summon Galarian Zapdos)


  • "/pokespawn <pokémon> form:<ID>": Spawns the selected Form of the selected Pokémon. (also compatible with /pokegive, /pokegiveegg, etc.)