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The PokeClear sidemod adds manual and automatic clearing of Pokémon. The type of Pokémon that will be cleared as well as how long between each automatic clear can be modified/configured.


PokeClear can only be installed on a server and does not need to be installed on the client. SpongeForge is required.


  1. Download PokeClear from the sidemods section of the downloads page.
  2. Drop/move the downloaded jar file into the mods folder on the server's files.
  3. Ensure that SpongeForge is in the mods folder as well.
  4. Start the server and wait for all mods to load.



Command Information
* /pokeclear [flags]: Clears all regular Pokémon and returns how many were removed.

Multiple flags, with spaces between each, can be used as an arguments to specify which type of Pokémon should 'also' be cleared.
Possible flags include:

Aliases: /pokec, /pokekill


  • /pokeclear - pokeclear.use

Config Settings

The PokeClear pokeclear.conf configuration file is located in the \config\pokeclear\ folder of the server.

  • NextClearIntervalMessage - Message showing the amount of time until the next clear after an automatic clear is executed.
    • The placeholder %interval% will be replaced by the number of seconds until the next clear.
  • autoClearTypes - Types of Pokémon that will be cleared in the automatic clear.
    • Possible types include: ALL, LEGEND, MEGA, PARTICLE, REGULAR, SHINY, and TOTEM.
  • clearMessage - Message shown when an automatic clear is executed.
  • doNextClearMessage - Enables the NextClearIntervalMessage message after an automatic clear is executed.
  • interval - Seconds between automatic clears.
  • prefix - Prefixed used before each of the automatic clear messages.