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The PokedexRewards sidemod adds configurable reward tiers for players to claim for every 10% of the Pokédex they complete. Some of the possible rewards include items, money, commands, and shiny tokens, which can be used to convert a Pokémon in the player's party to shiny.


PokedexRewards can only be installed on a server and does not need to be installed on the client. SpongeForge is required as well as an economy plugin to use money rewards.


  1. Download PokedexRewards from the sidemods section of the downloads page.
  2. Drop/move the downloaded jar file into the mods folder on the server's files.
  3. Ensure that SpongeForge and an economy plugin are in the mods folder as well.
  4. Start the server and wait for all mods to load.



Command Information
* /pokedex: Base command for displaying all available commands the player wither permissions can run.
  • /pokedex count - Displays to the user how many Pokémon they have caught and their Pokédex completion percent.
  • /pokedex remaining - Displays to the user a list of Pokémon that they still need to catch. If the amount is over a page long, the player can use the arrow keys at the bottom of the list.
  • /pokedex claim - Attempts to claim any available rewards for that player.
  • /pokedex convert <slot> - Converts the Pokémon in the specified slot to be shiny. The Pokémon must not be shiny already and the player must be holding a shiny token.

Aliases: /pd, /dex


Command Information
* /pokedexadmin: Base command for displaying all available commands an admin with permissions can run.
  • /pokedexadmin reload - Reloads the configuration files.
  • /pokedexadmin check <player> - Displays to the user how many Pokémon the specified player has caught and their Pokédex completion percent.
  • /pokedexadmin getshinytoken - Gives the user a shiny token.
  • /pokedexadmin giveshinytoken <player> - Gives the player specified a shiny token.

Aliases: /pda, /dexadmin


  • /pokedex - pdrewards.base
  • /pokedex count - pdrewards.base.count
  • /pokedex remaining - pdrewards.base.remaining
  • /pokedex claim - pdrewards.base.claim
  • /pokedex convert - pdrewards.base.convert
  • /pokedexadmin - pdrewards.admin
  • /pokedexadmin reload - pdrewards.admin.reload
  • /pokedexadmin check - pdrewards.admin.check
  • /pokedexadmin getshinytoken - pdrewards.admin.gst
  • /pokedexadmin giveshinytoken - pdrewards.admin.gst

Config Settings

The PokedexRewards config.conf configuration file is located in the \config\PokedexRewards\ folder of the server. This file consists of a singular rewards section that has an individual reward<#> section for every 10% of the Pokédex being completed, from 10 to 100.


There are ten reward sections for each 10% of the Pokédex being completed, where <#> is replaced with the percentage 10, 20, ..., 90 but excluding 100. The final reward, 100% dex completion, should have <#> be replaced with final, making it named rewardfinal. Each reward section contains the following settings:

  • <reward number> - An unlimited amount of rewards for each reward section may be added. Replace <reward number> with reward 1 and going up by 1 for every additional reward. Each reward may consist of an item, command, or both:
    • item - An item consists of the following four settings that can be used to give the player an item/items:
      • ContentVersion - Used for updating the item's content version. Leave it at 1.
      • Count - The amount of this item to give to the player.
      • ItemType - The item ID in the format of mod-id:item-id. ex: pixelmon:rare_candy
      • UnsafeDamage - The unsafe damage that should be applied to the item. Useful for things similar to different colored wool blocks.
    • command - A string surrounded in quotes that is the command the console will run once claimed. The placeholder %player% can be used and will be replaced by the player's name.
  • moneyReward - The amount of PokeDollars that the player will receive. If the PixelmonEcoBridge and an economy plugin is installed, it will add to the default currency.
  • numOfRewards - The number of rewards that will be activated on the player. This should match the largest reward number above.
  • shinyTokens - The number of shiny tokens to give the player.

The PokedexRewards data.conf file is located in the \config\PokedexRewards\ folder of the server and can be used to track what reward percents each individual player has claimed. It is not recommended to edit this file unless you know what you are doing.