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Item Information
Grid64 Crystal Shovel.png A Shovel is a Tool that can be used to dig Dirt/Sand and similar. The efficiency and durability will depend on the type of material.

Shovels can also be used as Combat tools, dealing a decent amount of damage.

All the Evo Stone Shovels can give a custom effect to the player wielding it, the effect given will depend on the Stone type.

There are 20 Shovel variants, including the default Minecraft ones:

File:Grid64 Wood Shovel.png File:Grid64 Stone Shovel.png File:Grid64 Iron Shovel.png File:Grid64 Gold Shovel.png File:Grid64 Diamond Shovel.png File:Grid64 Netherite Shovel.png Grid64 Aluminium Shovel.png Grid64 Amethyst Shovel.png Grid64 Crystal Shovel.png Grid64 Ruby Shovel.png
Wood Shovel Stone Shovel Iron Shovel Gold Shovel Diamond Shovel Netherite Shovel Aluminium Shovel Amethyst Shovel Crystal Shovel Ruby Shovel
Grid64 Sapphire Shovel.png Grid64 Dawn Stone Shovel.png Grid64 Dusk Stone Shovel.png Grid64 Fire Stone Shovel.png Grid64 Ice Stone Shovel.png Grid64 Leaf Stone Shovel.png Grid64 Moon Stone Shovel.png Grid64 Sun Stone Shovel.png Grid64 Thunder Stone Shovel.png Grid64 Water Stone Shovel.png
Sapphire Shovel Dawn Stone Shovel Dusk Stone Shovel Fire Stone Shovel Ice Stone Shovel Leaf Stone Shovel Moon Stone Shovel Sun Stone Shovel Thunder Stone Shovel Water Stone Shovel