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Shrine Information
Grid64 Lugia Shrine.png Shrines are peculiar Blocks that can be interacted with in some specific ways to summon a Legendary Pokémon.

The majority of these Shrines cannot be obtained, moved or broken in any way in Survival-mode, but can be found each in its own Pixelmon Structure.

Shift + Right-clicking a Shrine will give you an hint on its use.

Grid64 Articuno Shrine.png Grid64 Zapdos Shrine.png Grid64 Moltres Shrine.png Grid64 Lugia Shrine.png File:Grid64 Clear Bell Shrine.png
Frozen Shrine Static Shrine Fiery Shrine Lugia Shrine Clear Bell Shrine
Grid64 Regice Shrine.png Grid64 Regirock Shrine.png Grid64 Registeel Shrine.png Grid64 Regidrago Shrine.png Grid64 Regieleki Shrine.png
Regice Shrine Regirock Shrine Registeel Shrine Regidrago Shrine Regieleki Shrine
Grid64 Tapu Shrine.png Grid64 Raikou Statue.png Grid64 Entei Statue.png Grid64 Suicune Statue.png Grid64 Celestial Altar.png
Tapu Shrine Raikou Statue Entei Statue Suicune Statue Celestial Altar
Grid64 Abundant Shrine.png Grid64 Groudon Shrine.png Grid64 Kyogre Shrine.png File:Grid64 Rayquaza Shrine.png File:Grid64 Lunar Shrine.png
Abundant Shrine Groudon Shrine Kyogre Shrine Rayquaza Shrine Lunar Shrine
Grid64 Timespace Altar.png Grid64 Tao Trio Shrine.png File:Grid64 Regigigas Statue.png Grid64 Meloetta Music Box.png Grid64 Prison Bottle Stem.png
Timespace Altar Tao Trio Shrine Regigigas Statue Meloetta Music Box Prison Bottle Stem