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Grid64 Legend Finder.png This page is up-to-date with latest released Version of the mod.
To know spawn locations in older versions it is suggested to install Pixelmon Extras sidemod!
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Pixelmon Generations introduces a completely reworked spawning system, optimized to offer the best open-world Pokémon experience.

All Spawn conditions have been hand-picked by the Pixelmon developers to ensure consistent and accurate spawns in every single biome to every player online.
Spawning in Pixelmon can be sub-divided into 5 macro categories:


Pokémon Spawns will only be tasked if a player is nearby.

All spawns are regulated by 3 major rules, and Pokémon spawns are not exempted:

- Each player can have a maximum of 40 entities spawned around them;
- All spawns will happen in a 64 blocks radius area around the player;
- While walking in a direction, the mod will try to generate spawn locations in the zone the player is about to be, often exceeding the 64 blocks radius limit.
It is possible to find better and more exaustive explanations on all general spawning conditions in the Configs Guide and Spawning JSON pages.

All Pokémon have a set chance to spawn, that variates depending on the species and on the Form.
The chance % are categorized in base of the rarity, each having its own fixed %:

Category Chance (%)







Very Rare




As can be expected, Frequent Pokémon will appear more often around the world, being more common and usually at lower levels.
Higher rarity Pokémon will often be found in more hostile biomes, such us Ultra Space biomes.

Legendary Pokémon are not handled the same way as other Pokémon, so their category does not have a fixed chance %. For more info refer here.

Here's a simplified example on how the mod checks the current conditions to select which Pokémon to spawn. Depending on the current player's position, the game will in order:

  1. Check the current biome, only selecting the Pokémon allowed to spawn in it.
  2. Check the current time of the day, only selecting the Pokémon allowed to spawn during that interval.
  3. Check the current weather, only selecting the Pokémon allowed to spawn in the current weather condition.
  4. Check the possible spawn locations, excluding the Pokémon that cannot spawn in a specific location, if its conditions are not satisfied.
    (ex: Pokémon that only spawn in Water will be automatically excluded if there are no water pools around the player)
  5. Divide the spawnable Pokémon in base of their Spawn Category, assigning a fixed chance % to each of them.
  6. If the player currently has less than 40 entities spawned around them, the mod will proceed to fill the empty slots with freshly spawned Pokémon.
Biomes {											
    "minecraft:forest" {							<== 1 - Biome
        DAY {								        <== 2 - Time of the day
            Weather {								
                Clear {								<== 3 - Weather
                    Land {							<== 4 - Spawn location
                        Spawn-Category=Frequent		                        <== 5 - The Pokémon's spawn category (rarity)

- Ever since Minecraft 1.19 update, Pixelmon Generations also provides support to Serene Seasons mod, offering diversified spawns depending on the season!
It is also possible to customize Serene Seasons spawns, adding an ulterior condition to the Spawning JSON, by downloading the following file:
Download Img.png

How to edit Pokémon spawns

Main article: Spawning JSON

How to disable Pokémon spawns

To disable all spawns in a specific area of your world, you can:
- Place a 25pxScarecrow, it stops wild Pokémon spawning in a 32 blocks radius around the block it is placed on.
- Use a Grid Repel.pngRepel, it stops wild Pokémon spawning around the player for X amount of steps.
- Make use of anti-conditions, min and max labels let you select the area of effect.
- Install Grief Prevention plugin and create a protected area where all spawns are disabled.
After joining your world run /spawning off command, all Pokémon spawn events will be stopped.
Relog in your world/Restart your server or run /spawning base command to re-enable all spawns.
In BetterSpawnerConfig.json config it is possible to edit the values under "dimensions": to select what dimension wild pokémon will spawn in:
0 - Overworld
-1 - Nether
1 - End
24 - Ultra Space
Remove the value of a dimension from the list to stop its respective natural Pokémon spawning.



Upon spawning, every Pokémon will have a chance to be converted into a Totem, gaining a special golden flaming particle that will start rotating around its body.

Totem Pokémon cannot be caught, but they have a chance to drop rare and unique type of items upon defeat.