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Image of a Frozen Shrine structure in a Cold Desert biome.
~ Looking for the list of all Structures loot table?! ~ Refer to: Loot Tables

Structures pages contain a list of all the structures a Player can find when playing Pixelmon Generations.

A Structure is an artificial formation that can be found randomly generated in your world, some of them are seed-based, some not.
That means that creating another world with the same Seed will not generate all the Structures in the same positions.

Almost every Structure has a chance to contain some good Pixelmon-related loot, rare blocks and some even a Spawner or a Shrine.

Structures are a good source of rare items and the only current source of Pokedolls, explore them thoroughly!

All Generated Structures can be disabled by either turning off the "Generate structures" world creation option or editing pixelmon.hocon config.

- For technical purposes only, they are divided in two big Categories:

Grid64 Empty Map.png Grid64 Grotto Spawner.png
Minecraft Structures Pixelmon Structures

Config settings


  • "spawnStructures": Sets whether the random generation of Pixelmon Structures is allowed. (default= true)
  • "spawnBirdShrines": Sets whether the random generations of Legendary Birds Shrines is allowed. (default= true)
  • "spawnPokeMarts": Sets whether Poké Marts are allowed to spawn in Towns. (default= true)
  • "useExternalJSONFilesStructures": If set on "true", creates a "/structures" external folder in the path: <minecraft directory>/pixelmon/, allowing the user to modify Structures informations.