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File:Totem Raichu-alolan.png
Image of a Totem Alolan Raichu.

Totem Pokémon are rare types of Pokémon, and a different type of Boss.
Any Pokémon has a chance to be converted into a Totem the moment it spawns, meaning that is possible to find a Totem for every Pokémon species.

Totems can be easily spotted: they are covered with yellow flaming particles and have a Totem label on their head.
If engaged in battle they will behave differently than normal Pokémon. They will:

- fight more aggressively than normal,
- have a high chance to call for allies in a SOS Battle,
- have their highest base stat(s) boosted (+1 stat stage).

Totems are meant to be middle/end-game foes, so stay away from them until you have a good team!

They cannot be caught in any way, so the Poké Balls and Last Ball options will not be available.

Totems, being a converted state of their base form, will always spawn in the same biomes, times and conditions as their base form, being considerably rarer then them.


Totem Pokémon can drop several rare items after they are defeated.
They are also the best source of 24pxTotem Stickers, the only exchange material accepted by Sticker NPCs.

Drops list

Drop (Any Type)
32px Adrenaline Orb
Grid Medium Candy.png Medium Candy
32px Totem Sticker
Drop (Bug Type)
Grid Insect Plate.png Insect Plate
Grid Bug Memory Drive.png Bug Memory Drive
Grid Silver Powder.png Silver Powder
Drop (Dark Type)
Grid Dread Plate.png Dread Plate
Grid Dark Memory Drive.png Dark Memory Drive
Grid Black Glasses.png Black Glasses
Drop (Dragon Type)
Grid Draco Plate.png Draco Plate
Grid Dragon Memory Drive.png Dragon Memory Drive
Grid Dragon Fang.png Dragon Fang
Drop (Electric Type)
Grid Zap Plate.png Zap Plate
Grid Electric Memory Drive.png Electric Memory Drive
Grid Magnet.png Magnet
Drop (Fairy Type)
Grid Pixie Plate.png Pixie Plate
Grid Fairy Memory Drive.png Fairy Memory Drive
Grid Fairy Gem.png Fairy Gem
Drop (Fighting Type)
Grid Fist Plate.png Fist Plate
Grid Fighting Memory Drive.png Fighting Memory Drive
Grid Black Belt.png Black Belt
Drop (Fire Type)
Grid Flame Plate.png Flame Plate
Grid Fire Memory Drive.png Fire Memory Drive
Grid Charcoal.png Charcoal
Drop (Flying Type)
Grid Sky Plate.png Sky Plate
Grid Flying Memory Drive.png Flying Memory Drive
Grid Sharp Beak.png Sharp Beak
Drop (Ghost Type)
Grid Spooky Plate.png Spooky Plate
Grid Ghost Memory Drive.png Ghost Memory Drive
Grid Spell Tag.png Spell Tag
Drop (Grass Type)
Grid Meadow Plate.png Meadow Plate
Grid Grass Memory Drive.png Grass Memory Drive
Grid Miracle Seed.png Miracle Seed
Drop (Ground Type)
Grid Earth Plate.png Earth Plate
Grid Ground Memory Drive.png Ground Memory Drive
Grid Soft Sand.png Soft Sand
Drop (Ice Type)
Grid Icicle Plate.png Icicle Plate
Grid Ice Memory Drive.png Ice Memory Drive
Grid Never Melt Ice.png Never Melt Ice
Drop (Normal Type)
Grid Silk Scarf.png Silk Scarf
Grid Normal Gem.png Normal Gem
Grid Orb.png Orb
Drop (Poison Type)
Grid Toxic Plate.png Toxic Plate
Grid Poison Memory Drive.png Poison Memory Drive
Grid Poison Barb.png Poison Barb
Drop (Psychic Type)
Grid Mind Plate.png Mind Plate
Grid Psychic Memory Drive.png Psychic Memory Drive
Grid Twisted Spoon.png Twisted Spoon
Drop (Rock Type)
Grid Stone Plate.png Stone Plate
Grid Rock Memory Drive.png Rock Memory Drive
Grid Hard Stone.png Hard Stone
Drop (Steel Type)
Grid Iron Plate.png Iron Plate
Grid Steel Memory Drive.png Steel Memory Drive
Grid Metal Coat.png Metal Coat
Drop (Water Type)
Grid Splash Plate.png Splash Plate
Grid Water Memory Drive.png Water Memory Drive
Grid Mystic Water.png Mystic Water


  • "/pokespawn <pokémon> totem": Spawns the Totem version of the selected Pokémon at your position.

Config settings


  • "totemSpawnTicks": The average number of ticks before a Totem Pokémon attempts to spawn. (default= 1200)
  • "maxNumTotems": The maximum number of naturally spawning Totem Pokémon that can exist per 256 spawnable chunks. (default= 1)
  • "useExternalJSONFilesDrops": If set on "true", creates a "/drops" external folder in the path: <minecraft directory>/pixelmon/, allowing the user to modify "totemdrops.json" informations.