Ultra Beasts

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Grid64 Legend Finder.png This page is up-to-date with latest released Version of the mod.
To know spawn locations in older versions it is suggested to install Pixelmon Extras sidemod!
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Ultra Beasts (or UBs) are extra-dimensional Pokémon that can be associated in strenght to Legendaries. They only spawn in Ultra Space dimension, each in its own specific biome.

A server-wide annoucement that reads "<Ultrabeast name> has spawned in <Biome name> biome!" will be displayed in chat when an Ultra Beast spawns.
(This setting can be modified in pixelmon.hocon config).

Due to their extradimensional origin most Poké Balls will not work as they should with them, having only a 0.1x catch rate.
The only unaffected Balls are the Master Ball and Park Ball, keeping the 100% catch rate.

Beast Balls instead, being specifically designed to catch Ultra Beasts, will have a 5x catch rate on UBs while keeping a 0.1x chance on any other Pokémon.

All the UB are characterized by a special code name the Ultra Recon Squad assigned to them, as well as by the unique Ability Beast Boost.

You can find more info on how Ultra Beasts spawning works here: Spawning (mechanic)

List of Ultra Beasts

Of the 11 Ultra Beasts, only 9 can spawn in the wild, one for each of the 9 custom Ultraspace biomes.

A Trainer is be able to obtain Poipole, and then Naganadel, by fulfilling an Ultra NPC quest.
After catching (trading or obtaining them via other ways will not work) each of the 9 wild Ultra Beasts the NPC will give you a Poipole as reward for the informations.

Pokémon Code Name Biomes Spawn Times Spawn Locations
Sprite 793.png
UB-01 Symbiont Ultra Deep Sea All Water
Sprite 794.png
UB-02 Absorption Ultra Jungle All Land
Sprite 795.png
UB-02 Beauty Ultra Desert All Land
Sprite 796.png
UB-03 Lighting Ultra Plant All Land
Sprite 797.png
UB-04 Blaster Ultra Dark Forest All Land
Sprite 798.png
UB-04 Blade Ultra Forest All Land
Sprite 799.png
UB-05 Glutton Ultra Ruin All Land
Sprite 803.png
UB Adhesive N/A Ultra NPC
Sprite 804.png
UB Stinger N/A Level up Poipole while knowing Dragon Pulse
Sprite 805.png
UB Assembly Ultra Swamp All Land
Sprite 806.png
UB Burst Ultra Burst All Land

Config settings


  • "displayLegendaryGlobalMessage": Sets whether or not a server-wide announcement is displayed when a Legendary Pokémon spawns. (default= true)


  • "intervalSeconds": -"legendary": Sets (in seconds), after a Legendary Pokémon spawns, how much time will pass before the mod can try to spawn another Legendary. (default= 7200 (= 2 hours))