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View in Ultraspace - Ultra Desert, Ultra Plant and Ultra Ruin in sight.

The Ultraspace is a whole new dimension added by Pixelmon Generations.

It is intended to be a middle/end-game dimension, accessing it is not an easy task and requires some thorough preparation.

Ultraspace is an inhospital place for humans, every living being will start to wither the moment it enters in contact with its lethal atmosphere.
A Trainer can only hope to survive in Ultraspace if equipped with a full set of Crystal Armor or Ultra Armor.

Some stronger Pokémon and plants seem to have developed some sort of resistance to this hostile habitat, and can be found living happily in every Biome. The plants have undergone many mutations during the centuries, leaving only the exemplars that were able to adapt the most.
The Ultra Recon Squad is still studying the process that led to this selection.

The gravity is also altered in Ultraspace, being way weaker than in the Overworld and leading to Pokémon and players jumping higher and to items floating for longer than normal. A person once said it would be ideal for parkour.

Ultra Beasts can also be found roaming in Ultraspace, each in its unique Biome. Catching all of them allows the player to complete the Ultra NPC quest, obtaining a Poipole.

Entering Ultra Space

To enter Ultra Space, a player has to find a naturally spawned Celestial Altar and activate it as follows:

  1. Craft and equip a full Grid Crystal Chestplate.pngCrystal Armor, it is the only way to survive in Ultra Space!
    - The atmosphere will steadly consume it, so consider upgrading it to Grid Ultra Chestplate.pngUltra Armor.
  2. Catch a Solgaleo, Lunala or Necrozma and put it in your Party;
  3. Obtain the corresponding Grid Sun Flute.pngSun Flute/Grid Moon Flute.pngMoon Flute (both work for Necrozma);
  4. Use the Sun Flute/Moon Flute on the Grid Celestial Altar.pngAltar with the corresponding Legend at the corresponding time of the day.
(i.e. Having a Solgaleo in the Party will only allow the player to access Ultraspace if using a Sun Flute during day time)

This activation process removes one of 30 default Wormhole uses the Sun Flute/Moon Flute has.

A Temporary Dimension Item can also be used to access Ultraspace, but neither flutes nor reusing the Temporary Dimension Item itself allow the user to leave it.

Inside Ultra Space

The Ultra Dimension isn't that different from the overworld, if not for the low Gravity and the lethal aura.

Stronger and rarer Pokémon have higher spawn rates in Ultraspace and can be found jumping happily above your head, unique blocks and ores can be found everywhere you look, and special Structures and Loots will appear in your sight while enjoing your exploration.

Take a look at the sky while exploring, the atmosphere, so lethal for humans, will change its shade coloration depending on the temperature of the biome and the time of the day!

Always remember to equip yourself with Crystal Armor or Ultra Armor to avoid the negative aura effect!


The Ultraspace dimension adds the following Biomes:

Biome Beast Description
Ultra Burst Sprite 806.png Blacephalon An arid land full of colorful spikes.
Ultra Dark Forest Sprite 797.png Celesteela A forest made of glass trees and boulders.
Ultra Deep Sea Sprite 793.png Nihilego A standard-looking ocean that contains more secrets one can expect.
Ultra Desert Sprite 795.png Pheromosa A glowing white desert full of crystalized formations.
Ultra Forest Sprite 798.png Kartana An ancient dark forest that lost vitality over the centuries, assuming a gray coloration.
Ultra Jungle Sprite 794.png Buzzwole A lifeful forest made of massive purple trees.
Ultra Plant Sprite 796.png Xurkitree The electricity in this biome created a perfect habitat for many completely different trees.
Ultra Ruin Sprite 799.png Guzzlord A lifeless wasteland covered in massive metal spikes.
Ultra Swamp Sprite 805.png Stakataka An haunted land that looks like a merge of the overworld's swamp and mushroom island.


Exiting Ultra Space

To leave the Ultra Dimension, a player can either click on the same flute they used to enter with or succumb to the lethal aura effects.
The exiting process will remove one of the uses a Sun Flute/Moon Flute has. The player will be returned back to the location they entered Ultra Space from.

Config settings


  • "doWitherEffect": Sets if the Wither effect is applied or not upon entering Ultra Space. (default= true)