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The Vitality sidemod is a useful API that is required for some Pixelmon sidemods, like CurryDex.


Vitality can only be installed on a server and does not need to be installed on the client. SpongeForge is required.


  1. Download Vitality from the sidemods section of the downloads page.
  2. Drop/move the downloaded jar file into the mods folder on the server's files.
  3. Ensure that SpongeForge is in the mods folder.
  4. Start the server and wait for all mods to load.



Command Information
* /vitality reload: Reloads the Vitality sidemod and applies any changes.


  • /vitality reload - vitality.reload

Config Settings

The Vitality configuration files are located in the \config\vitality\ folder of the server.

  • aliases.json - Allows for the creation of custom command aliases.
  • loot_tables.json - Allows for the creation of custom loot tables that can be used in other sidemods/plugins.