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Rainy weather shown in the Battle interface.

The weather is a Battle mechanic that change the battle environment, activating abilities, modifying the effect of certain moves, and affecting certain Pokémon stats, form and types. Specific weather conditions can cause some Pokémon species to take damage at the end of each turn.
Only one type of weather may be present at a time; an effect that creates weather will remove the previous weather.

Minecraft current weather does not affect the in-battle weather condition, but affects some other weather-dependant features (such as Castform form-changing ability).

Weather types

Weather Information

Clear Weather

The absence of weather. This is the weather found at the start of each battle.

Harsh Sunlight

Harsh sunlight.png Also known as Sunny, it boosts some effects concerning Grass- and Fire-type Pokémon and moves.

Extremely harsh sunlight

Extremely harsh sunlight.png A rarer variant of Harsh Sunlight, only occurs when Primal Groudon is on the field.


Rain.png Also known as Rainy, it boosts some effects concerning Water- and Electric-type Pokémon and moves.

Heavy Rain

Heavy rain.png A rarer variant of Rain, only occurs when Primal Kyogre is on the field.


Sandstorm.png It boosts some effects concerning Rock-, Steel- and Ground-type Pokémon and moves; Pokémon of any other type are damaged by 116 of their maximum HP.


Hail.png It boosts some effects concerning Ice-type Pokémon and moves; Pokémon of any other type are damaged by 116 of their maximum HP.

Strong winds

Strong winds.png A strong air current blows across the battlefield, only occurs when Mega Rayquaza is on the field.

Causing weather

All types of weather can be generated by a move or ability when a certain condition is met.

Clear skies
(no weather)
Harsh sunlight Extremely harsh sunlight Rain Heavy rain Sandstorm Hail Strong winds


Sunny Day Rain Dance Sandstorm Hail


Air Lock, Cloud Nine Drought Desolate Land Drizzle Primordial Sea Sand Stream, Sand Spit Snow Warning Delta Stream

Weather normally lasts for 5 turns when it is called by a move or ability, with the exception of weather created by Desolate Land, Primordial Sea, and Delta Stream.
If multiple weather-changing moves/abilities are used in the same turn, the weathers will activate in order from fastest Pokémon to slowest Pokémon, meaning the last weather used will override the others.

It is possible to extend the duration of weather conditions from 5 to 8 turns by giving one of four held items to the Pokémon responsible of summoning it.

Harsh sunlight Rain Sandstorm Hail
Grid64 Heat Rock.png
Heat Rock
Grid64 Damp Rock.png
Damp Rock
Grid64 Smooth Rock.png
Smooth Rock
Grid64 Icy Rock.png
Icy Rock

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