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Grid64 Ability Capsule.png

Available Abilities

List of all the Abilities added in the mod.
Grid64 TM Normal.png

Available Moves

List of all the Moves added in the mod.
Grid64 Battle.png


What is a Pokémon battle, and all types of battles added by Pixelmon.
Grid64 Oak Sapling.png

Biomes Types

How Pixelmon subdivides the biomes to allow for an easier customization.


Bosses! One of the many challenges introduced by the mod.


Breeding in Pixelmon. Mechanics, exceptions and inheritance.
Grid64 Instant Noodle.png


Curry, the most loved Pokémon Food.
Grid64 Button cap.png

Custom Icon

Icons easily usable by server owners and mod makers to allow for a deeper Pixelmon-themed customization.
Grid64 Big Nugget.png


List of all items dropped by Pokémon.
Grid64 Cut.png

External Moves

Unique moves that can affect in some way the world, a player or a Pokémon while outside battle.
Grid64 Old Rod.png


One of the many relaxing activities offered by the mod.
Grid64 Forage.png


The External Move par excellence, all Pokémon know it and can use it regardless of the moveset.
Grid64 Legend Finder.png

Legendary Pokémon

The rarest, strongest, and most looked after Pokémon, often confused with Ultra Beasts.
Show your value as a trainer by catching 'em all!
Grid64 Tree.png


Plants and trees added by Pixelmon. Can be used as decoration or farmed for resources.
Grid64 Poke Ball.png


The most known Pokémon loot chest. Can be found everywhere in your worlds and claimed with a simple right-click.
Grid64 Fire Type.png

Pokémon Types

Pokémon Types and type effectiveness.
Grid64 Abundant Shrine.png


List of all Structures and Loot Tables added by Pixelmon.
Grid64 Dimension.png


The new Pixelmon dimension: the Ultra Space!