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What is a Pokémon

A Pokémon is a creature based on various plants, animals, objects, and other concepts, that inhabits every corner of the world.

There are currently 1010 Pokémon species divided into 9 Generations.
Pokémon can be found in different biomes or times of the day depending on the variant, other can change shape if they get in contact with special items, and a selected number of them can only be obtained by generating a specific interaction.

Pokémon are friends and partners to players, they fight alongside us in battles and grow as we gain experience as Trainers.
Most Pokémon begin their lives as 25pxEggs, and many of them will evolve to grow stronger and larger during their lives. It is possible for some of them to temporarily assume a different, more powerful form during battles, or change appearance depending on the weather, the item held or other conditions.
Pokémon within the same species can be found in many different growths, the size is only cosmetic and does not affect any other stat of the Pokémon while in battle. However, the Pokémon size is not just decided by its growth, all Pokémon grow in size as they level up, becoming considerably bigger as their level increases.

A small number of Pokémon, much more powerful than others, have passed into legends told all around the world. Many of them are said to share the power of gods, so have been sealed because deemed too powerful. It is unclear whether or not some of them are connected with each other, but some myths report the existence of Groups, legends with similar powers and pasts.


All Pokémon have a hidden hunger bar.
Pokémon can eat anything the player can eat, and will become fuller the more Food they eat. Once full, a Pokémon will refuse to eat again for a while, rejecting any food offered to them.

Food is mainly used for Breeding, Pokémon breeding takes less time the fuller the Pokémon are.
It is also possible to feed Pokémon by throwing them out of the Ball (R key). When full, there is a small chance the Pokémon will try to remember a move they forgot or even learn a new move from their Move Tutor movepool.

Food can also be stored inside 25pxFeeders to let owned Pokémon eat by themselves.

Even if all Pokémon seem to be strangely attracted to Grid Rare Candy.pngRare Candies, it is not one of their favourite foods.


All Pokémon can be befriended by catching them inside a Poké Ball, a small confortable item that allows them to rest while keeping them safe and making them easier to transport.

Pokéballs exist in many different forms and shapes, each with its own unique effect. They can all be crafted starting from Apricorns.


Each Pokémon drops some items upon defeat, mainly 25pxType-based candies and Grid Pomeg Berry.pngBerries, and more rarely items of sorts.

Main article: Pokémon Drops


While walking around the world, you will find Pokémon of all sizes and forms run, swim and fly freely. Most of them will run away at your passage, but be aware that some might become aggressive and try to challenge you in a battle.

Main article: Spawning

It is not possible to determine the exact moment when a Pokémon will spawn, but it is possible to know each species preferences by checking their Pokédex page.
Different Pokémon lives in a different biomes, wake up at different times of the day, and spawn in different locations, even underground!

These differences can also be found inside Pokémon of the same species. Different forms have different habits and, even if they often share similar biomes with their other forms, have often different rarities and spawn times.


Mega Evolution

A battle transformation that changes the form, stats and, sometimes, types of a Pokémon. Can only be used once each battle.

Only Pokémon holding a megastone have access to this transformation.

Main article: Mega Evolution


A temporary battle transformation that changes the size, HP and moves of a Pokémon. Can only be used once each battle, and only lasts for 3 turns.

The Gigantamax transformation is a special variant of Dynamax, that only some Pokémon have access to.

Main article: Dynamax


Main article: Primal Reversion
Main article: Ultra Burst

Boss Pokémon

Pixelmon offers many different challenges to Pokémon trainers. Spanning from the usual Gyms, to random NPC Trainers, to Pokémon Bosses.

The most common type of Boss can be found Mega evolved around every biome of the Overworld.
Boss Pokémon cannot be caught in any way, but, when defeated, they reward the player with some rare and unique items.

Main article: Boss Pokémon


Totems can be any type of Pokémon, they are not as hard to fight as Mega evolved Bosses, but have a really high chance to call for help when battled.

Main article: Totem Pokémon


Alpha are a different kind of Bosses, they are way stronger and bigger than the average member of their species, but they can be caught if engaged in battle.

Main article: Alpha Pokémon


Noble Pokémon are especially frenzied Bosses, they ignore any Pokémon thrown at them and directly target the player with their deadly attacks.

Main article: Noble Pokémon

Special Texture

Main article: Special Textures

Specials are different kind of Pokémon with a unique type of texture. It is also possible for some of them to have an unique model, different from the base form.

The biggest part of them can only be obtained with commands, but sometimes they can also be obtained during certain events (i.e. Christmas) or by satisfying a certain requirement (i.e. Roasted Magikarp).

Everyone is able to create and add its custom textures to the mod by following this short Guide.


Main article: Fakemon

Fakemon are your own custom-modeled and textured Pokémon.

Everyone is able to create and add its custom Pokémon to the mod by following this short Guide.

Note: Be aware that Fakemon are an advanced feature and require a lot of trial and error to get working correctly.

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Training & Catching


  • "/pokespawn random generation:1-8": Spawns a random Pokémon from the selected Generation.

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